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How do I wish a country´s president to think? (III) – Good thinkers are on demand for a President Position.

Good afternoon. I know it is Saturday, and I shouldn´t be posting over the weekends. But believe me, yesterday an electricity shortage happened in the area where I live, and we did not have energy power during the whole day. But we have to finish this saga before next Sunday. In consequence, let´s start.

Once we understand the concept of mental frames or mental frameworks, we are able to understand there are multiple mental frames required for specific tasks or terms for different positions.mental models

For example, a recently graduate student from business and economics, who has never worked in any company, knows in theory many of the models and concepts utilized for each of the business disciplines he was able to explore as a student: marketing, accounting, finance, operations, strategy, business ethics, logistics, technology, human resources, etc. Even though the recent Bachelor of Science in Business-Economics has received courses about business disciplines, he has no experience at all. This individual is ready to start a long learning journey in several positions to read the application of his concepts in different areas, and that is how it works in real life in every single industry on earth.

graduate ubs

An Example of a Graduate Talent Program at UBS Bank for the Entry-level.

When I joined ABB Financial Services in Zurich, Switzerland there was a rotational plan position for new MBA graduates. The new MBA hired was rotating from business unit to business unit for two years. Each new young employee was able to stay for 4 months in each business unit, and complete 6 assignments. I.E. this novel member could start to work in Treasury for 4 months, afterwards, he could spend the next 4 months with Underwriting and Syndication. The next assignment flew him from Zurich to Boston, to work for Leasing. Following that, he or she could opt to travel to Stockholm to work for Project Finance. Subsequently, the new disciple could go to Stamford, Connecticut to work for the Energy Ventures division and finally end up with his last assignment in Spain, helping the Madrid Director of that local subsidiary, to grasp a flavor of what is to do general management at the Iberian Peninsula. During those 2 years, the young MBA worker would have met many people at different levels (senior, middle managers, and entry-level peers or administrative staff). He or she was able to be acquainted with the general processes of each business unit. Ultimately, the purpose of the rotational entry program was to offer a job to the most qualified candidates. Those who were chosen were able to decide for a position in their preferred city, and the business unit he or she felt more attracted to work with. Even though in four months, it is impossible to establish a mental framework in each area, at least the rotational entry position, helped him or her to start to set up a mental framework for each of the areas.

Each ABB Financial Services functional area listed (Treasury, Underwriting & Syndication, Leasing, Project Finance, Energy Ventures, General Management) were different business units, which require personnel with a specific mental framework expected to serve there.zurich cisnes.jpg

At the time I gained my MBA, this type of entry rotational program was very common in banking. And this is just an example of how banks start to set up mental frameworks of thinking at the entrance or the lobby level. It is a long way on the banking ladder of promotions to go from an entry-level position to become the President of ABB Financial Services or the CEO of a bank. Probably it takes more than 30 years to be ready for it. And this is just in the banking industry.

Now let´s transfer the same example to a Nation´s Presidential Position.

thinking beginsA president of a Nation needs to be prepared to fulfill the requirements of his or her position. Mainly he or she must be a good thinker because he will be hired to make decisions and delegate responsibilities within his staff team (The ministers, advisors, and the rest of leaders reporting to him). He or she has to lead his country as a ship skipper when crossing the seas (similar to the Volvo Ocean Race). As John Maxwell has stated it in his book “How successful people think” – The right thought from the right people in the right environment at the right time for the right reason equals the right result. I have translated Maxwell´s phrase into the following one (for the occasion of this publication thinking isin relation to a Nation´s presidential profession)

“The right thought from the correct people in the exact environment at the precise time for the truthful reason EQUALS the successful result”.

John Maxwell defines a good thinker as someone with several specific thinking skills. He has written, “Becoming a good thinker means developing those skills to the best of his or her ability”. To be a good thinker means to have “all thinking pieces (mental frames) to become the kind of person who can achieve great things.

A good president main prerequisite is to be a good thinker. Someone who has the holistic 360 degrees view to think with wisdom for his or her nation, before making decisions. A biased president can trigger disasters for his or her own economy because he may be partially looking when he decides for his or her nation.

your are my cherry on topThe reason why I recommend a good thinker above all other characteristics or leadership capabilities for the Presidential chair is simple. It is just common sense. Do you remember, when we sailed the Volvo Ocean Race Regatta some months ago? The best ship captains who were able to lead a team in the middle of thunderstorms, blizzards, and disruptive changes were the ones who could finish the race. They probably did not win the first place, but they finished in one piece. They were able to develop several types of mental frames who help them in their decision making through all legs and critical sailing conditions. They think this way normally. But they have been trained for it for years. In addition, they let themselves be guided by other good thinkers with much more experience than them too.

Education helps people to be good thinkers, but this is just the beginning. It is the education PLUS the experience that coins and molds each specific mental framework inside the brain of the Presidential potential candidate. The more mental frames possess, the better will be for him to lead and build a nation of multiple and different thinkers who will be guided and will guide him for success. The success of a President is measured in terms of solving the most urgent problems his or her country has, and prepare his or her nation for a proper, balanced, consistent growth. She or he needs to provide solutions for the needs and wants of 4 living generations in his country without leaving any of them outside (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z). In addition, he or she has to pave the way for the future generations ahead. If the president is not a good thinker, he won´t be able to lead his or her mission properly. Moreover, he has to be such a good thinker, in order to win the support of all her or his adversaries or opponents. If he is a good thinker, he will be able to gain not just the encouragement from his or her contenders, but he will put them to run for him or her without hesitation.

eliescalante poverty causes 2019 january

I have done some changes in this saga. On our next publication, we will publish first “A good president cultivates different types of thinking”. Next, we will publish, “Recognize a good presidential thinker when you see it”.

Thank you. Blessings.bee

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Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.



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