How we practice

As a work-in-progress artist, Eleonora Escalante believes in Corporate Strategy as an Art.

Eleonora Escalante Strategy is strongly convinced by constant, persistent, and challenging practice, which in time, makes us somehow skillful and experienced professionals. Only faithfulness and dedication create the most beautiful oeuvres. Her publications in strategy are inspired when she experiences nature in her daily walks, or when she swims or paints at her studio. All these painting exercises are handmade from scratch on a daily/weekly basis.

These are some of my exercises when practicing art. These are some oeuvres that have been handmade with so much patience and love on several watercolor paper brands such as Fabriano, either Fabriano Artistico Traditional White, Fabriano Tiepolo, Fabriano 5, Fabriano Aquarello. I also paint on paper Sennelier, Baohong, Strathmore, Canson Moulin du Roy, and Canson Guarro. I am always curious to test different brands of watercolor papers, there are many I have not tested yet. I utilize different textures and types of paper (hot press, cold press, grain fine, grain rough, grain satinée), either in 240 GSM or 300 GSM. I use several brands of pigments watercolors and a touch of inks: Daniel Smith, Van Gogh, Ecoline, Holbein, Sennelier, and Finetec. All these watercolor exercises are 100% “hechas a mano”. The majority of the following drills are of size 5 inches x 7 inches or a bit more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was unable to take my own pictures to use as photo references for inspiration, and I apologize for using different photographers´ art to do my weekly painting exercises. Thank you so much to the photo owners who kindly inspired me with their images to work out and learn different watercolor techniques during difficult pandemic times. All these exercises are not for sale (NFS). Painting helps me to integrally strategize better.

Exercises Year 2022

Exercises Years 2019-2021

And there are more watercolor exercises to come…
(Our exercises are updated every 6 months).