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Thought of the day. The meaning of helping others…

Helping others…

Today, I will like to write about my own concept of helping others.

I will like to share a very personal opinion, and I apologize if you don´t agree with me, but I have to write about it today. Tomorrow I will deliver what I wrote about the Bargaining Power of Buyers and I will start with Threats of Entry fifth force of Porter. I still have 9 days until the Volvo Ocean Race starting day in Alicante OK.

Helping others means to give something with sincere love (time, money, knowledge, in-kind contribution, influence, advise, etc..) for the benefit of others. There are many ways to help others as the stars in the sky.

Everything-is-a-Miracle-760x760.pngThe Baby Boomers generation (the generation of my mother) believe that helping others can be done just by setting up a foundation and dedicate your full time towards fundraising to help a group in need. Baby Boomers believe in charity as a way to help. Of course, there are as many groups in need as you wish to name: babies, kids, single mothers, widows, elders or retired seniors, youngsters, etc. Baby boomers have a very limited approach to helping others. They were raised in a world of charity, and organizing beneficial dinners or bingos to do fundraising, organizing balls inviting rich people requesting an expensive entrance to do fundraising, or volunteering their time in hospitals, elder houses, and orphanages… and with all my respect to the generation of my mother, I do not believe in doing charity as they have done it until today. Why? Because I believe in another value proposition of helping others.  Do you get it?

The segments of your value proposition “Helping others”, can be classified into several groups. The segment groups you wish to help can be classified by several variables:

  1. Age: babies below 1-year-old, toddlers, kids, teenagers, seniors, etc.
  2. Area of need: peace in the world, health, education, food security, entrepreneurship, religious values, etc.
  3. In the case of health, by type of sickness: Heart diseases, HIV, diabetes, pediatric sicknesses, arthritis, mental health, etc.
  4. Race: Hispanics, Afro-Americans, African, Asian, etc…
  5. Region: Central America, South Cone, Nordic, southwest America, Caribbean, etc.
  6. Country or specific neighborhood in a country. 
  7. Specific activity: supporting education to new political talents, fighting against corruption, shelter for homeless, activism to do social pressure, denunciation of injustice, human rights, etc.
  8. Natural disasters: Rescue after earthquakes, storms, flooding or fire.
  9. Climate-related: the rescue of the ocean, water recovery, climate change, Arctic and Antarctic protection, etc.
  10. Animal-related: species protection, animal rescue campaigns, health for animals, zoo conservation, etc.
  11. Religious: Teaching bible courses, praying, missionary camps to non-christian countries, etc.
  12. Artistic: supporting arts such as painting, orchestras, dancing groups, sculpture, etc.
  13. Vocational: helping people to find their profession and thrive as economic active participants.
  14. Sports oriented: preparing new athletes in each discipline-gymnastics, swimming, skating, dancing, etc…
  15. And the list goes on and on and on…

the joy of helping othersThere are many fields or action themes of helping others. Moreover, no one has the right to judge how you wish to help others. Maybe your prayers can be more powerful than a million dollars for the recovery of one kid in the hospital. Maybe prayers can move the hearts of people who are able to help in moments of natural disaster recoveries…

My definition of “helping others” is more ample and wide than “charity”. I believe in helping people to thrive in their own beautifulness. I love the themes of business and economics, and I would like to give what I know to others by helping them to do integral corporate strategy based on values, based on ethics. That is my aim.Quotefancy-64198-3840x2160.jpg

I do not want to do charity as my mom and her friends have done it. Their method of doing charity is a bit obsolete, and I say it with all the respect of the world. Baby boomers separate the charity concept of your own identity… or they do it because their mothers helped as such, and it is a “charity heritage”… I do not mean to offend the baby boomers generation charity model, but I believe that is not the only way to help others. Time is changing… and there are several “helping others” models and purposes or concepts in different contexts.

Quotefancy-1738277-3840x2160.jpgI am a person who studied business because did not like civil engineering. I traveled the world trying to understand business through my studies. I love to see results. I love to see what good financing can do for the benefit of people. I love to see when teams have raised capital investments to build hospitals, or to create public kindergartens where there was no education available for the kids…. On the other hand, to find public-private funding to build parks and playing structures for kids…. I believe in influencing to raising capital investments from the point of view of impact development for the society… I believe in doing impact investing. I believe in helping businesses to thrive in this business complex environment with ethics at the core. It is time to realize how important it is to do business with ethics, it is time to realize how important is to do funding and investing… and I wish to dedicate my life to help people in these themes…

a kind gesturesIt is never late to give a helping hand to women or men who have fallen down because others punish their careers, it is never late to give a helping hand to men or women who have finished their studies and have been without a job for more than 5 years… it is never late to give a helping hand to people who have no idea of the meaning of integrity and have been doing things wrong in their roles as middle managers or executive directors of banks and corporations… it is never late to give a helping hand to people who are struggling by setting up their businesses and have crashed many times and do have their families starving… it is never late to advise people about when is the time to ask for a loan or a private equity investment for sustainable growth in their startups…

we rise byI believe in helping others from my own self. From who I am. From my career. From my passion for knowledge. From what I have learned all these 47 years of my life. I believe in helping others to be themselves and reach their potential of humanity. I believe in helping others next to the man I will marry, Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi and teaching our future kids how to help others as a living example of their own purpose in life, but more important helping WITH LOVE.

Helping others for me has to be done in the area that you like the most. Others cannot impose it. Each person knows what is in his or her hearts, how and when to help. Each person knows. It is in their heart.  In addition, maybe as the world is changing, it is time to rethink about the concept of “charity” for the coming generations too… hmmm, what do you think?


helping others is

Helping Others is helping yourself.


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