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Leg Zero: The Bargaining Power of Buyers. Porter´s Industry Analysis. Part 2.

Have a beautiful day, I wish you are happy and well. October is full of beautiful days. October as much as September are months full of amazing colors. The sky is a bit different and the lightness of the sunrays gives us hope meanwhile the wind and the cold weather starts to chill our homes wherever we live.  Even here in the Central American tropics, we do have some windy pleasant days as today.  When lovely days as these, wake us up in the mornings, I am so thankful and blessed to be alive. hello october

Let´s go over the slides prepared for you about the key determinant factors related to Bargaining leverage. This is the last section about the Bargaining Power of Buyers. In each slide, I have added an example. Sometimes I use well-recognized brands globally, and sometimes I try to be generic. If you wish to ask me more about these examples, do feel free to contact me.

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You can download here in PDF format. Click here: buyers key determinant factors Porter2

Tomorrow is Saturday, but I will start to write about the fifth Porter´s force: Threats of Entry. The Volvo Ocean Race is only about a week to start! My leg zero to write about strategy in English with Porter Industry Analysis is about to end. So cool!!! Next week, I will share with you a schedule of business strategy models to be developed between next Saturday and June 2018. Each future leg of the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 will be an opportunity for me to develop several strategic models. It will be a lot of fun.   Yeah!!!

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