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Leg Zero: Threat of Entry. Porter´s Industry Analysis. Part I.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

As I promised previously, I wished to deliver the section of the fifth force of Porter: Threat of Entry.

I couldn´t upload my file yesterday because I have a reason. As I mentioned to you, I live with my mom and dad. My both parents are retired and they have a set of norms inside their house. technology-rules-what-kids-expect-of-parents-orig-20160308The Internet and WiFi are turned on from Monday to Friday, as of 8 AM up to 6 PM (CST). Also, there is no internet at lunch time neither overnight. And over the weekends the rule is to use the Internet with limited access.  Particularly if my nephews and nieces come to visit my parents, the house goes out of the Internet.  Since I live with my parents, at my 47 years old, I have to obey their rules and I couldn´t upload this file yesterday.  My parents are not against the Internet, don´t get them wrong. Nonetheless, they are aware of the nefast consequences of the abuse of the internet in kids, and how addictive and terrible it is in personal relationships at home.  In consequence, they have decided to set up limits particularly to their grandnieces and grandnephews because it is insane to see these kids as tablet-addicts or smartphone-addicts around the house when they could be playing outside in the garden, or having fun with the dogs and running around.

I will share with you the next set of slides about Threat of Entry Fifth Porter´s force. I have introduced each of the key structural variables with several examples. I am not doing any ethical judgment about them at this point, because we will go over the week in deep detail.

Enjoy this material. We recommend it to any startup or new incumbent in any industry. Unless we are creating a new industry, and even then, we have to be aware of several measures or tactics we can employ in our entrance strategy when we deploy our beautiful businesses. We will continue with the topic over the next days.

With joy, Eleonora

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If you wish to download this presentation in PDF please click here: ELEONORA ESCALANTE Threats of Entry part I

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