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integrity compassAll these efforts to write about strategy, business contexts, business models, value propositions and entrepreneurship are just a lovely reason to tell you that we care for humanity. I have no idea why we do not teach the fundamentals of business and business strategy from the holistic-ethical point of view since kindergarten. It is so simple. All our life is written in the history of the business. Even artistic representations of music, sculpture, paintings, and singing do have a link with the commercial world. The health sciences do have a link with business. Social and Psychological sciences are also an inherent part of businesses. Everything we do has a profitable business value proposition inside.

happy teacher´s day

Teaching kids how important is an integral business.

The big problem is that we do not teach how to do integral businesses. Kids are not raised to understand the link or the connection between beautiful businesses and systemic ethical values. Or what is a business with awe? Or what is a business which helps to solve social problems? How kids can be trained since kindergarten to understand the connection between good businesses with all the elements in place: financial, economic, social, green-pro environment, ethical, educational, a legacy for 100 years at least.  We have been receiving an education which doesn´t help us to build the right business models, and later we simply sell whatever we invent to the marketplace, without thinking in the consequences for the next generations. And we are always rushing everything as if we are in a horse race for money. Money is not the cause for beautiful businesses. Money is the consequence of building a beautiful business.

industry contextWe would like to help you to understand the plenitude of businesses. When we insert in our brains the right framework to create righteous businesses, everything will change.  If we create products which are going to pollute the earth, we also have to offer the solution in the package. Otherwise, we are not creating beautiful businesses. If we are going to move forward to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, better we have a multidisciplinary team of scientists in all disciplines to understand the impact in our societies, and how can we go forward slowly enough to don´t rush again and make the same mistakes we did with other inventions in the past.

taxes foreign aid and investmentThe concept of beautiful business can be translated into beautiful governments too. Why do we have to get new debt to pay for public projects if the country is not producing the free cash flows to pay them? Why raise public debt, when a country is in the Valley of Death, trying to define the industries which will produce enough free cash flows to repay it? (free cash flows in the public system are of diverse nature).  How to attract foreign direct investments and international aid (grants, donations, non-reimbursable funds) if our Latin American public bureaus are full of institutional corruption? Once corruption is stopped, foreign aid will flow. Otherwise, it won´t happen.

This is all for today. I hope you are enjoying our blog. It is made with love. Thank you.


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