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Value Proposition (V). San Salvador needs a Metro Rail System…

Metro Rail San Salvador… A dream to come true?

Hope you are thriving in all your endeavors for this “juilliet” week. I am not an English Native Speaker, I do my best to share my ideas with you in English. Since I have been learning French for quite a while, sometimes I mix french with English, and I apologize sincerely for it. My mother tongue is Spanish. But I decided to write in English, in order to practice and develop better skills to write in another language. Sorry for any mistake. I appreciate your comprehension.

I would like to share with you a Value Proposition Canvas for a new transportation system much needed in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America. El Salvador doesn´t have a metro rail system or subway or rapid transit system yet.  High levels of traffic during rush hours, numerous accidents and bad quality of service are what we experience when we use the current bus transportation system in San Salvador. There is one recent exception of one modern bus line called SITRAMSS. The SITRAMSS is an initiative of 3.3 kilometers with a dedicated lane for articulated buses. This system started 3 years ago, as a testing prototype, but it is still insufficient for the transportation pains from San Salvador population.

Let´s go to the value proposition canvas for a new Rapid Metro Rail System in San Salvador. Can you identify clearly the pains and gains from the customer segments?

As soon as you have defined the pains (or needs) and the gains (wants) from the future clients of the Metro Rail System, it is so easy to define the Gain Creators and the Pain Killers for this project.

Remember this is just a value proposition exercise. There is still a long process to build the business model for each example of value proposition shown in this blog. My aim is to help you to understand the fundamentals of building business models. Why? Because later in the future I am planning to help you to visualize what is the point of view from investors when they see you pitching your businesses. When you don´t know how to create business models, it is very hard to set up correct companies or public projects, which then will be attractive to investors.

Many of the ideas I share with you must be validated by a multidisciplinary team. Market research analysts, transportation, engineering, architecture, environmental, safety,  and financing specialists must validate many of the ideas I share with you. Particularly with infrastructure projects, a project as such must be integral, and well planned for the future, maybe more than 100 years from now.  All I am trying to do is to illustrate how to conceive and define business models for the purpose of orientation and help you to think when you want to translate any idea into a project.

Value proposition Metro San Salvador 2017 a

Metro Rail San Salvador value proposition Version 1.0 (Click here to PDF Download)

Have a beautiful day.

Note: When reading from a tablet or smart phone, please amplify the figure. It will help you to expand it and read better. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

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