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Leg Zero. Since the beginning of August, I have been writing to you from a mini Tablet

Dear all

I really, really, really apologize so deeply I have not been able to continue with the business model canvas and the industry competitive analysis. I am doing miracles to write from a mini tablet 7″ and my big fingers are not helping me either. I feel completely non efficient to draw or type using the power point mobile version from a mini tablet, and I encourage you to try to do it from petit gadgets. It is super annoying.

I am used to work from a laptop when doing business. I have my mobile and a mini tablet as adjacencies but I can’t use them properly to draw in powerpoint, or design figures and I feel as if my world has been put on hold. I still send electronic mails (with many typo mistakes) but it is simply because my big fingers are messing up the screen mini key-board….  I miss my own computer tools to continue drawing models and showing you my knowledge.

093d6da608b8794c9d7652ab3c01eeb0--medical-school-motivation-studying-study-motivation-quotes-studentBut since I do provide strategic corporate solutions, I said to myself, I must continue… No matter what…. I have thought of writing again without using Powerpoint and I will try my best to don’t be boring. I am used to explain using slides and I am used to provide drawings, figures, little boxes, circles, cause and effects relationship figures,  because it is boring and non effective to show my concepts just without drawings… As much as I can, I will try to insert pictures, and I will try to adapt each post to a maximum of 500 words… Just remember every time I am writing to you it is so hard and difficult to do it from a petit gadget as this one, but nothing will stop me to share what I have prepared for  you.

Best, tomorrow I will start delivering to you the coffee  industry analysis.


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