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Leg Zero. Porter´s Industry Analysis. Learning Strategy takes time…

Bonjour a tous !

I would like to clarify, it will take to me at least 6 weeks to explain Porter’s Industry Analysis. I decided to go slowly and explaining each of the components for each force. In consequence be aware if you want to learn strategy, this will take time and patience…. Imagine this is just one model… And there are at least 300 strategy models available and each consulting firm has created their own tailor-made methodologies, as I have mine too.

I really wish you to digest each of the considerations, factors and key tips using these models. Nothing comes up by chance or automatically. It has taken me more than 15 years to learn how to apply these models. And still, I am a work in progress because each company is different.


To be a good business strategist takes time. It takes a lot of pain by learning from mistakes. Even as an excellent practitioner, the good application of these models goes each step at a time, by learning with each company. In addition, each country has its’ own particularities of culture and preferences. Moreover, just to live in this moment of time makes everything more complicated than before, because new technologies arise every day and this nonending desire of the human being for self-improvement, causes a constant technological disruption. This affects the way each industry operates and the competitive environment too.

Be patient. Apply the concepts and be aware you are only another human being with the right to be wrong in your iterations. Learn to analyze when you are wrong. Ask yourself? Why? How can I make it happen this time? Have joy, because with each failure you will learn by heart what was wrong. With time you will excel at it….

And enjoy the strategy ride…tumblr_ouyy71NYyE1sga7ujo1_1280.jpg


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