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Strategic Reflection from our heart. Harvey is another wake-up call

Sorry for not writing today about strategy.

I just feel so bad to see the consequences of Harvey Hurricane in Texas. I wish a lot of strength and hope to all the people who are currently affected by the flooding.  My solidarity hugs for all of them, since I am so far away, and so little I  can do about it. Particularly living in Central America. I do hope the emergency systems to recover the city after this disaster, will be put in place as soon as possible.

Today I read in the Economist, that natural disasters have been rising since 1980 decades. We must be aware of it, as it is shown in the graph below:

disasters climate change

Source: Weather-related disasters are increasing. The Economist. August 29th, 2017.

According to the, “Although the number of such disasters keeps rising, far fewer people are dying as a result of them”. If you analyze the following overlapping graphics below, “in 1970, 200,000 people perished annually because of natural disasters”. And if you follow the red graph trend, it indicates “the number of deaths has reduced dramatically, thanks to safety measures such as improved buildings and flood-prevention schemes”.

number of deaths caused by disastersBut, the economic losses are not shown in the graphic. I believe to reduce the monetary losses of natural disasters, urban planners and government authorities and people who have lived these disasters, may have to be strict in being prepared, because given the data analysis from the,  we foresee “the future impact of even more extreme events”. Harvey is another wake-up call to urban planners who must be tough about their policies and requirements for the future.

I pray so much for the damaged families who have been affected.  Blessings for all of you.

Source references:

www. the

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