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Leading our way out of Auckland in 5 days. We are almost there Leg 7!

Good morning to all of you!

Volvo ocean Race NZ-in port raaceWishing a wonderful, spectacular and amazing week!!!. In 5 days from today, the next sailing stage will start. Leg 7 is almost there!!!.  I am so animated about this. We have rested some days. Team Vestas 11th is also ready to rejoin the fleet. The United Nations Environment Program “Clean the Seas” Awareness Campaign has received support from the government of New Zealand. In addition, there was an International Women’s Day event, hosted by the Magenta Project in Auckland. Meanwhile, all this was happening in Auckland,  I was finishing the Competitive Differentiation Analysis using The Cheesecake Factory example. It is done! Yay!!!.

Last Saturday, the rest of the fleet was in Auckland, racing. According to official information from the Volvo Ocean Race website: “Dongfeng Race Team showed great concentration and resilience in winning the New Zealand Herald In-Port Race in Auckland, New Zealand”. We can see their video in 105 seconds:

Let´s see what is coming in our strategy race. Again, let´s remind ourselves where we are in the race. Here is our timeline:

VOR Leg 7 timeline 12March2018.jpg

Click here to see our VOR Timeline updated: Eliescalante VOR 2017-2018 Updated Timeline 12March2018.

I have prepared for you the following outline of the topic to be developed during Leg 7.  It is going to be very interesting. Why? Because we will go beyond the “quantum emerging technologies race”. The Industry 4.0 has already been released, and we have to know and find out how to do strategy for this new global context in our lives.  By now you understand why I started this blog by showing you the “existing frameworks” on how to design, execute and re-deploy business strategy. I did it on purpose. It is important to know how it has been done because the new Industry 4.0 will require from us to modify those models, or maybe, even do them better and new. Or maybe we will have to correct them in their fundamentals. In addition, we have to permit room for improvement,  to evolve in our new models. As Sumantra Goshal said it before he passed away, our businesses models in Industry 4.0 must be “a force for good”.

industry 1.0 to 4.0.jpgPlease read the next phrase carefully: We can´t deploy Industry 4.0 making the same mistakes we did during the deployment of Industry 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. We can´t promote social inequality or poverty or destruction of old jobs without the creation of new job opportunities for all (all generations living in the yellow submarine: Babyboomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z and the future Generation Alpha)… This shift from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 has to be done WELL. We can´t repeat the same mistakes.  Imagine there are countries so behind that will have to do amazing effort to jump from Industry 2.0 to Industry 4.0. That will be a whole challenge. That is why we must do it slowly, it is better to do things right, than rushing into Industry 4.0 and continue creating poverty, environmental problems, lack of ethics, food poisoned with chemical ingredients which cause cancer and other illnesses, public misery in our cities, etc. Let´s start Industry 4.0 with the best of our intentions and actions.

During Leg 7, find below the outline for the theme: Trends in Competitive Advantage. We will start this topic as of next 18th of March, departing from Auckland, New Zealand to Itajai, Brazil. “It’s the longest leg of the race by a long way – 7,600 nautical miles and almost all of it is through some of the coldest, roughest ocean in the world”.

VOR Leg 7 Outline 12March2018.jpg

Click here to see the outline in PDF: Eliescalante Leg 7 Outline Trends in Competitive Advantage.

It is time to do the things right for the first time in many centuries... Innovation and wonderful technologies are outstanding tools to unfold, only if by deploying Industry 4.0 we can :

  1. Improve the quality of life of our world population,
  2. Keep our food production and life inputs with the best natural standards (no harmful ingredients for our health),
  3. Reduce poverty to zero,
  4. Start everything we do with “ethics at the core”,
  5. Or in summary, accomplish the global development goals from United Nations Agenda for all the countries in the world.

    the global goals.png

    The Global Goals for Sustainable Development must be reached in the next Industry 4.0 era.

This is all for today. I wish you a beautiful week. If you don´t see any publication during the week, don´t worry, I am preparing all the material to share with you during Leg 7. See you next Saturday 18th.

Thank you! and Cheers!thank you gif yellow

10:33 am – San Salvador.

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