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Entrepreneurs without money (XX): El Salvador possible entrepreneurship journey with China. Why an entrepreneurial contextual analysis?

Good Morning!
shh don´t tell to chinaWishing you a lovely Sunday. When we picked up the project: El Salvador possible entrepreneurship journey with China, we did it with the purpose to show you that our fantastic entrepreneurial contextual analysis may be applied to any type of initial prospecting, to companies, projects, initiatives, commercial-economic relations, university projects,  and to divisions or business departments. It is an interesting methodology to use everytime we wish to start something new.  

Moreover,  on my blog, it is not my aim to give you the answers.  Just the questions. We are showing you how to do it. In this particular case of El Salvador-China aperture of commercial relations, I can´t give you the answers. Why? First, I have not been hired by the Government of El Salvador or the Chamber of Commerce or the Salvadoran Association of Industries or any family local groups to do it. To give answers to each and all the primary questions we have shown you during the last weeks, applied to the “Ouverture of commercial relations between China and El Salvador”, requires several detailed tasks and analysis of high-level of detail. These consulting mandates take a lot of time, sometimes years. questions only.jpgIf done well of course. In addition, the majority of public data we find on the internet, many times either is biased by the authors of the articles, or it doesn´t have a scientific objective research behind it. Fake news is a big problem too. That is why each consulting house of high reputation has to find their own data (data gathering is key), filter the wrong information and dismiss it, and finally, play with the numbers imagining several scenarios for the purpose to find the most viable option.

Each consulting house has devoted data intelligence professionals when it comes to helping clients in their decision-making endeavors (regardless of the type of project, company, type of entity or decision). The highly named consulting companies are keen on details, and everything we do is based on facts,  specifics, own collected information from reliable sources, and it requires a high degree of discernment of those particulars based on wisdom. Analysts and associates often gather the data, meanwhile, consulting managers facilitate the methodology with simplified frameworks to comprehend the issues and achieve a consistency and coherence in the design of the solutions. Managers supervise and help to establish parameters for the quality of the work.  Managing directors role is to bless the whole project with their wisdom, by giving the final stamp of approval and liaising directly with the client strategic apex. Excellent managing directors take their time to perform surprising reality checks with analysts every now and then, beyond the team meetings. Decision making is based on data or numbers, and if the data is wrong, the solutions will be wrong.  Figures, infographics, and diagrams are the mechanisms consultants use to share the statistics of the numbers in an easy manner. the more the merrier.jpg The extensiveness of the numbers makes the information processing more difficult and time-consuming. Advanced analytics is key for consulting services, it helps to develop strategies that turn data into a true competitive advantage. When wise clients (such as a wise Government or a wise company) wish to be sure about the solutions, they typically hire between 2 to 3 top caliber consulting entities. Finally, as a cherry on top, they usually hire an external specialized corporate consulting firm to validate it (This is my role, as Eleonora Escalante Strategy). As I told you previously, the more scrutiny, the merrier.

“The Salvadoran possible entrepreneurship journey with China” is like a new project for El Salvador. It can be broken down using several perspectives. The Entrepreneurial contextual analysis is just the first required step. It provides thirteen contexts which are quite relevant, and each context may be scrutinized with complexity or simplicity; amplitude or profoundness and time scope impact (short, medium and long-term). I did not add a fourteenth context, which is the religious one (we will look it over when exploring the cultural context). But the religious one is one of the priorities to inspect when the two countries have dissimilar and contrasting faiths.  When commercial relations are affected by divergent ideologies, it is smart to add a fifteenth context, the ideology.

  1. Temporal Context outdoor movie
  2. Industry Context
  3. Technology Context
  4. Social Context
  5. Institutional Policy Context
  6. Organizational Context
  7. Geographic Context
  8. Spatial Context
  9. Cultural Context
  10. Political Context
  11. Environmental Context
  12. Ethical Context
  13. Financial Context

The more detailed the entrepreneurial contextual analysis, the better tools our Government will have to make decisions for our population interests. In addition, this analysis is just the most general one we can do previous or before starting anything else. This is just the beginning. tip of the iceberg.jpg

Additional strategy frameworks, benchmarking, blue ocean review, and many others have to be used for further considerations, particularly when it comes to the specific investments component and the accompaniment support through all the process.

As mentioned previously, tomorrow we will continue with the geographic context. Thank you. Stay tuned!bee-animated-gif-36

Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.


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