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Corporate Strategy as an Art (XX): A pause in time is beneficial and immeasurable for wisdom production.

Today is Mother´s day in El Salvador. We are going to celebrate it at home. Since I live with Mom and Dad, all of us started today by pampering our mother: I prepared a special breakfast for her in bed. I hope she can feel happy and with plenty of blessings.

In addition, I have some sad news for you. I will have to pause my saga “Corporate Strategy as an Art” for some time. It will be postponed until I can find sponsors to continue it. Let me explain why?

Turtle in the ocean original widescreen finalThe context of “Corporate Strategy as an Art” pause: As you are aware of my economic situation, unfortunately, my blog up to this day has not scaled the next step in the entrepreneurial journey: it has not generated revenues. And in consequence, it has not produced positive free-cashflows or profits. That implies I have to focus more time to make it successful. I have to do massive efforts of business development in the following days, in order to find high recognized sponsors (either in academia, international cooperation organizations or think tanks).  My business model depends on sponsors or advertising, not on the massive amount of viewers because I want it to be free for all. But after 2 years, guess what,  I do not have any sponsor yet.

When I started to write  “Corporate Strategy as an Art”, throughout the last 19 episodes,  I found there are many details which need to be reframed, questioned and confirmed with serious reliable and accountable sources of information who have gotten the authentic facts and the real evidence. If I wish this saga to be of serious impact to you, I truly depend on archaeologists, historians, and art historians directly to get the settings of the ouvres of art right. The internet free sources of information are biased.  And I am afraid that even if we found zillions of data on the internet, not all the settings contexts are correct. As a result, I need to pause. Otherwise, I will write a skim superficial saga based on my subjectivities or based on fake news, nothing that I would like to prepare. If I wish to continue doing an excellent quality of articles, I must perform exhaustive corporate research. And many of the correct sources of information are still a work in progress by third parties, or these sources are not free, they can only be found in books which I have to buy.  And I can´t buy them at the moment. We have to pay for these books.  If I want it to make my sagas of a blue-chip quality for my audience. I need resources to engage in such excellent corporate research, and I need to find a sponsor or several sponsors for it.

Moreover, I need to take measures beforehand with the material I share from third parties, particularly in relation to art and history-archaeology. I need to be sure that it is correct. As explained in the latter paragraph, the internet provides thousands of results but more than 90% of what we found is a copy of copies of who knows what, how, why and where the reservoir of information is. I can´t base my corporate strategy analysis in wrong facts.  Art, in addition, is subjective by the eyes of the beholder, and in order to make these sagas entertaining, wise and updated, I have to make a bundle strategy with historians and archaeologists. At the moment, I can´t pay anything to them, I am not living near excellent libraries where I can get good books, and I can not pay anything even to myself.

Additionally, my business model is so weak for this specific saga.  The reason why I share these sagas is for you to learn with me and find reasons to reflect and rethink about business models, strategy in the context of the new emerging technologies, actuality themes and climate change disasters. I have wished to share with the purpose that you at least can grasp a profound or ample view about life. Particularly in matters of decision making. But, one thing is to share for your wisdom development. Another one is to observe how my blog is utilized by others who are robbers of my thoughts and are making a profit with them. When other people use my ideas to make gains of them, knowing that I have not even made one cent with this blog, that is unfair. These people are taking advantage of my blog, and I do not like it.

I also do not like when other people with an abundance of funds, because they hold an excess of resources (but lack of ideas), are taking benefit of my blog. How would you feel if another person or group of people do have the money and the capacity of massive deployment of resources, and they simply take advantage of the content of my blog, to make money with it!  Look, I ask myself:  what am I doing? I am offering my wisdom for free to all, but those who can pay for it (and don´t do it) are making profits with it… Am I promoting unfairness? The fact that my blog is free for all, doesn´t make it free for burglars who profit with it, furthermore, the irony is they know in advance that I am not cashing anything out of it. Common, I don´t lie when I say that I have not made one single penny out of all 400 publications. I am 48 years old, with zero income since the year 2012,  living at expenses of my parents, just with the hope to make this business a reality!

Finally, to pause the saga “Corporate Strategy as an Art” is not the end of my blog, neither the end of my company.  I won´t give up. I will continue writing other sagas, but I will pause with the saga “Corporate Strategy as an Art”. I will look for sponsors to continue with it sometime soon when I knew for sure that I can pay for my quality control standard measures of the art history and archaeology sources.

Eleonora Escalante Strategy blog reflection division will continue. My publications will continue. It is just the saga “Corporate Strategy as an Art” which will pause for some time, until new notice. I will figure out which shorter saga will I deploy as of June 2019. But in the meantime, I must try to solve how to get sponsorships to continue with “Corporate Strategy as an Art”. I will re-start it again. Better.

A lesson for reflection: Better to pause something that is good, but needs to be adjusted, to make it excellent. It is better to pause. The same applies to all crazy emerging technologies which need to be adjusted before proceeding further.

“No pasa nada. El mundo no se caerá si hay que pausar para hacer las cosas bien con los estándares de calidad más altos. No pasa nada con pausar un rato”.

See you again in June 2019, with a new saga for you to read. Blessings and thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your understanding. Happy mothers´ day!

pause repair your universe


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