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Preparing an ouvre d´art for the perpetuation of Eleonora Escalante Strategy.

Good sunday for all of us!

I am so sorry I have not posted since my birthday. Probably you thought I have been celebrating for 15 days. No, not at all. I have been hectically diligent.


Painting from home. Eliescalante. 

I have a valid excuse. A couple of weeks ago, I met with one relative, a daugher of the my grandma´s brother. Erendira is a Painting´s artist. She paints beautiful “oeuvres d´art”, and she encouraged me to prepare a couple of paintings with the hope to be selected for an Artistic Paintings exhibit. This Painting Exhibition which will be at the end of this month. Two of my aquarelle paintings have been dressed pretty for this “échantillon de peintures”. One of them is already done, but the second one, the most prominent one, which is an original and unseen painting, is still a work in progress. Yes!   I have been so busy painting all the last details. In consequence, the degree of my efforts has been exponentially strained to convene with the last composition development. Just to be ready to fulfill the deadline.

I will continue with the third publication of the saga “Revenge Strategy: Wasting the power of your hate on the guiltless” after I finish with the preparation, framing and delivery of my paintings to this event. As soon as I deliver my aquarelles to the exhibition officials, I will continue writing.

I beg your forgiveness for this pause. But I do hope my painting might be adored by someone who will like to buy it. I hope for some inflows from my art to continue writing this blog. In the meantime, please pray for someone who would love to embrace and adopt these canvases for his or her home or office.  If this happens, I will be able to sponsor myself, to keep you happy with my online publications. Stay tuned, please!

I will leave you with a beautiful song from ZAZ, this song expresses what I have been publishing for two years.  We must change our business value propositions integrally at every level, through education and actions to care for the ethical humanity, to put God, Christ and the Holy Spirit at our businesses core and to protect the planet from climate change destruction.  Our future belongs to the next generations. Demain C´est toi.


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