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Revenge Strategy: Wasting the power of your hate on the guiltless (VII). Copyrights in Education?

Hope you have a beautiful day.

Before proceeding with the continuance of this saga, remember my next topic is about the Banana Wars; I would like to write a bit about copyrights of the images I am posting to make this blog a little bit more colorful and beautiful.

Preeminently,  I wish to apologize to photographers or artists who find their art in this blog, and if by chance your images have a copyright, I do not mean to offend you, neither to make money with them. 

This blog is for educational purposes. I believe in education as a way to overcome mediocrity and as the only alternative to evolve in our thinking cognitive process. I believe that writing and reading are connected to our brains workout. As much as we exercise for our overall wellbeing, we also need to read stories, blog articles, newspapers, magazines and books in order to keep our brain sharp, our genius levels of understanding are triggered by reading. Audiovisuals are also a significant part of our mastermind training, but the problem with audiovisuals or videos is that we forget what we see quicker than when we read and take notes. Probably audiovisuals are going to become the first part of the funnel, kind of an introduction to our intellectual learning process, but if we truly wish to do a full intellect brain workout, reading and writing are key essentials before experimenting and practice.  Videos are like a lecture in class but with a “movie” look and feel. Once the video is done, we can re-watch it, and in some way or another, we will be able to memorize information. But if we wish to go deeper in our understanding, reading and writing can´t be replaced for our brain development.

If you don´t believe me, ask to the scientists. This blog is about education for thinking and opening our eyes to keep our brain development on point. 

Given the latter explanation, when I write, I am trying to inaugurate more than information or knowledge, but to help us to instruct our brain with dewdrops of wisdom. As a result, this blog is educational for leaders, decision-makers, policy-producers, institutional-legal creators, creative designers of products and services, and also for financiers.  It is written in simple language, that even a teenager or a grandma from all over the world, can grasp something for their weekly “brain workout”.

Horizonte imperial final.png

Horizonte Imperial. An original aquarelle from Eleonora Escalante. You can buy it at APACULSA Santa Ana Exhibition. It will be there until July 29th, 2019. Painted on watercolor paper Fabriano5-Fine grain-300GSM. Size: 30 inches x 24 inches. This painting is on sale. If you wish to buy it let me know, please.

Any image which is not mine, such as paintings from other artists, or photos or cartoon images from others, is solely utilized for the purpose to make my publications attractive and delightful with educational motives.

As you know, I am not making revenues with this blog. I have not started to monetize it, and if someday God blesses me with sponsors for it, I will be the first one to pay the respective royalties or rights of authors to those who kindly have embellished my publications. The core of this blog are my publications, and the images just help us to make the article to look pretty. The fair use of your images is for educational reasons.

My aim is that hopefully this blog will be read by a leader who will be touched by the thoughts of this blog, and he will change the design of his industry products. Or maybe a tech leader as Bill Gates, once reading a publication, will decide to shift his ideas to stop his new emerging tech products, until they are tested for the impact of 4 generations ahead. Or maybe, a banker after reading one of these publications will decide to deny a credit approval of a wrong product which will pollute the planet. Or maybe a teenager will be inspired to produce beautiful products to save the ocean in the future. Or your daughter who did not know what to study after high school will be touched to decide to study history and she will be happy with her choice forever.  Additionally, it could happen that some policymakers by reading this blog, realize that they need to adjust their sails with a better model for the future of a country. That is the impact I wish to have with this blog.

At the end of the day, I will be happy that I have helped others to make this planet a better place. I have nothing to give economically to the planet, I assert it with the truth, but I have my brain still, and what I write is for all of us to train our cerebra to think integrally. From our past, living our present and going slowly for a balanced future.

I hope this clarification will help you to forgive me if I use a copyrighted image. It is for educational purposes only.

Have a beautiful weekend. Next week I will post about the banana wars. Remember I will continue writing once a week. Sometimes I will write twice, depending on my time availability. Blessings.


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