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Revenge Strategy, Wasting the power of your hate on the guiltless (XLIV): the issues with data analysis are evident

Have a beautiful Friday.

This is just a little note to explain why I have not posted my second publication of the week. As you already know, I publish at least two times chaque semaine. But since this is a “real LIVE” blog, which means that I write covering each theme through “fast-track” mode. In consequence, I publish at the same time that I perform the data and information research, aquarelle painting and strategic analysis.

When preparing this topic, I have experienced the evidence of what is to google search and find an immense ocean of “big data” about simple indicators from China and the US. What is worst is that many of the most reliable sources of data come from bureaucratic public offices, which some times are not guaranteed to be safe to trust. The fact that I do not know the Chinese language, makes me impossible to match with Chinese reservoirs of reference.

An example of the troubles with big data is the splash of millions of numbers we can find about something over the internet. And we find inconsistencies when filtering data for our research studies, particularly these arise when we conduct specific comparison analysis. In addition, and despite that I try to use the most reliable sources of information available (World Bank, OECD, United Nations), still, there are certain indicators that are not harmonious and seem to be illogical.  I will need a few days more to review and verify my numbers. During the weekend I will examine and compare them with careful detail. Then I will introduce them to you on Monday.

This activity takes me to assert the following: there is a big risk to leave data analysis in the hands of machines and their respective algorithms of quantum processes. The filtering or “making sense” of the data can´t be left to the machines without emotions. There are certain criteria that grow only with experience, and the aforementioned can only be realized by a person with accumulated years of practice and wisdom. Human brains are required to make sense of the data, and if the information is wrong, it is better to stop, take a breath,  go back to find other reliable roots of erudition. In one phrase,  find the virtuous decent responsible sources or best knowledge available.

I will return once I finish my analysis on Monday.

Thank you for your comprehension. Hugs for all.

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