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On eagles wings: Our recovery from Coronavirus (XXVI). Hunger for righteousness

Have a beautiful Friday.

Please find attached the following set of information slides. On my next publication, more details are coming when it comes to connecting the dots between the beatitude of “Hunger for Righteousness” and the material of the slides. This material is only applicable for societies or communities which have been able to tame the Coronavirus, or at least they have been able to reduce the daily Coronavirus new cases to almost the minimum, and have overcome the health-sanitary crisis completely. These countries have a flattening curve or have a reduced curve, and are slowly returning back to their “normal conditions respecting the protection measures”.  I have left out the education sector of the analysis. Why? Because it is extremely risky and difficult to try to handle an economic recovery at the same time as the education sector.

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I encourage you to read all these slides. Print them and write your doubts. Click here if you wish to see them in PDF: Eliescalante on eagles wings Hunger for righteousness. With careful detail, ask yourself questions. On Monday I will return back.

Have a beautiful weekend.

eagle fight dance

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