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On eagles wings: our recovery from Coronavirus (XLV). Preparing ourselves for ethical codes…

Have a beautiful Thursday. We are ready to start building ethical codes. Indeed, we took the time to visit each and all of the most important 11 virtues that must be considered: (1) Humbleness, (2) Meekness and Peacemaking, (3) Mourning, (4) Hunger for Righteousness, (5) Mercy, (6) Courage under Suffering, (7) Purity of Heart, (8) Love, (9) Faith, (10) Hope and (11) Integrity. And we have finished with this last tuesday.

“Ovejita Linda” An aquarelle by Eleonora Escalante. Handmade with love for all of you. Paper: Fabriano Artistico Grana Satinata 200GSM Size: 7 inches x 5 inches

Leaders of the world need to consider each human being life as a finite passage (maximum 100 years). This life-span is a gift for us to practice God´s values through the application of Ethical Virtues. And understanding this is crucial in our evolution as human beings of integrity.

We need a great reset to put our priorities in order. If we stick to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy discussion of the term “person of integrity”, and we compare with our worthless current commercial goals, then of course, our minds need a great reset. When people believe that our mission in life is to make money at expense of the future of the next generations, we are in imbalanced status. When people believe that our mission in life is to run into any new technology inventions, only, for the sake of “making our lives easier”, we are in non-equilibrium. When our tech desires have over passed our consciousness that we live in a vulnerable planet that is and will always put our lives on risk, then is time to pause. The whole combo of NAIQIs – Nanotechnologies, Artificial Intelligence (including robotics and automation), Quantum Supremacy and the Internet – could be easily destroyed by these disasters. Our societies have not been ready to prepare contingency plans or emergency related alternatives that may help us to know what to do on how to survive. To build ecological societies is simply one balanced solution to lever our real mission in this planet, regardless our future disasters.

Maybe we need to add a pinch of visionary prepper philosophy to our lives. Once you read the preppers philosophy (, I am sure many of you, particularly the most techie ones, ironically will try to use all the tech available, and move the whole Silicon Valley to fix those preppers needy feelings of dismay. But those who are a bit conscious of our planet risks,  will at least initiate a reflexion about why a pause-repair-proceed process is required at a conceptual level. And this is urgent. We can´t use NAIQI technologies to save us in case of disasters, if we are inventing technologies that trigger future destruction at the same time. It is like continue smoking cigars once you know you have cancer. And guess what, please read it slowly: I am sure the same tech sector will try to accelerate different innovative solutions to preserve NAIQIs out of destruction, to keep the whole foundations of IT infrastructure functioning in the middle of any future natural disaster (climate originated, meteorological, hydro-logical, geophysical and biological). But inevitably, the tech sector won´t be able to protect their own, because at the same rhythm, new dangerous technologies against the protection of NAIQI technologies will emerge. The whole idea of creating a parallel automated NAIQIs world to save us, is completely out of mind and irrational. By betting on building machines which may replace us, we have forgotten the core of our existence in the planet, and we have forgotten that more than half population in the world still suffers of some kind of poverty, famine, lack of education or it has some kind vulnerabilities. And when people are hungry and angry because of something that is unfair, destruction happens.

NAIQIs should not be the ONLY core functioning of our societies. Given our eternal battle of disagreements between cultures and economic powers, if humans do not try to live an integrity life, wars, social discontent and conflicts will always emerge, sooner or later. It will happen. Even rich countries are vulnerable. I already told you that Switzerland, one of the wealthiest paradises on earth, may suffer a biological disaster out of their cluster of pharmaceutical corporations in Basilea. Japan or Russia with its nuclear reactors, and so on. We all are vulnerable to our new technology productions.

On the other hand, in the case of space and aeronautical industries, with time we will swap the territory wars for space wars, including biological sophisticated weapons. NAIQIs will trigger more complex wars. If during this century, wars were because of imperialism expansion, racism, land and resources. In 50 years or more, wars will happen between technology giants and their powers, between spacecrafts and satellites, above the atmosphere. Have you thought for a minute that the whole space Internet infrastructure can be completely gone at the sound of a snap? Gone means erased for good. Once the Internet is gone, all our e-commerce economy will be shut down. Without the Internet, the whole e-commerce and digital economy will be destroyed. In addition, if there are not enough jobs for people because they will be replaced by super quantum computers and robots, inevitably people will start to kill the machines. What we see at the moment with cybersecurity, lack of privacy in our devices, tracking our lives through IoT, social media attacks, high sophisticated armament, etc… is only a tip of the iceberg of what will happen if we don´t act now, if we don´t initiate discussions between the wise, if we don´t pause and repair, and put boundaries to technology, fix all that is not good. If societies are not prepared, and we don´t begin to organize ourselves for these type of scenarios, and teach our children on how to be prepared… then what are we doing?

No tech will be able to save us when in extreme situations. Never is never. If we want to be ready and prepare our children for those type of scenarios, we must teach our children to do things with and without the NAIQIs, to figure out how to survive in a handmade economy, and put the ecological premises and ethical virtues in the middle of their future strategies deployment.

If we don´t wake up or open the eyes to this vulnerable reality of us, we will crucify the life of the next generations. Generation Z and below have no idea of what is to live without devices and the Internet. By choosing the path of the machines and the NAIQIs only, we have created mentally disabled people who will not be able to think properly, neither to search for answers beyond google, neither stand by themselves regardless of their specialization…  And no machines will be there to save us.

The reason why I have told you that any human being requires at least 20 years of integral education is with a purpose: to help any citizen to be an integral person with all the tools needed for a virtuous life within self-sustainable ecological societies. Our society organization and jobs will help us in times of peace and in times of wars or huge risks or disasters. Philosophists, Historians, Archaeologists, Sociologists, Urban Planners, Architects, Artists, Economists, Business Leaders of all disciplines are obliged to rethink in how to organize societies with a premise that NAIQIs won´t be there when in times of future disasters. This pandemic has not hurt the tech sector, because believe it or not, the Coronavirus has a mild mortality nature. But other risks scenarios can deeply destroy the tech sector directly (such as global cybersecurity threatens and wars, which will also affect the financial and commercial system, the education and any industry that depends on IT digital platforms solely).

Eagles walk cautiously. Slowly. Even though they are able to fly higher.

We must procure to live in balance. I can perceive and hear the message that these sad Coronavirus times have come to remind us how wrong we have been to pursue our obsessions for technologies without any type of discernment… Remember, everything out of balance hurt us. Of course, we can´t be extremists of living as the most fanatic preppers either. That doesn’t mean to live being afraid of living, or to invest to build your bunker as soon as possible. With this pandemic, I believe that God is telling us to reset our brains. To put our priorities in order. To pause and fix the future crisis that will come if we choose the digital e-commerce option only. At least this current horrible sanitary tragedy, has to make us think and transform our thirst for obsessive technologies. At the institutional and governance levels, we should consider societies to begin a whole transformative and radical new type of organization, particularly one that practices the old and the new, putting NAIQI technologies as a side dish, not as the core; with a different way of systems for the sake of our survival. We must be prepared for resilience with or without NAIQI tech. And in order to be ready, to be resilient after any type of future crisis and natural disasters, the ecological model fits all sizes, anywhere.

This text is just the introduction for the ethics code methodology, which we will begin as of next week. We will start building a personal ethics code (which we all must have), then a family ethics code. Later we will explore two examples of professional ethics codes, to finally arrive into entity ethics codes (school, program, organization, NGO, tech initiatives) and projects. This is it for this week, thank you for reading to me.

Disclaimer: Illustrations in Watercolor are painted by Eleonora Escalante. Other types of illustrations or videos (which are not mine) are used for educational purposes ONLY.  Nevertheless, the majority of the pictures, images, or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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