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A new saga is coming: “Portfolio Analysis: Igniting a long term spirit in a short term world”.

Lovely readers, after finishing the last saga, Eleonora Escalante is on vacation at the moment. Practically, I am not resting, but drawing up, thinking up, and formulating what we will do for the rest of the year. I am preparing everything for the next saga that will start in a few days. Additionally, I started to swim after 17 months of not doing it, trying to catch up the splash training workouts I was used to exercising, before the pandemic. Quite a challenge, but little by little we will recover.

“Portfolio Analysis: Igniting a long term spirit in a short term world” will be a new adventure for us. Regardless of the theoretical material, we will try to use another additional artistic medium, some music awaits. I will continue posting original art and our studies in the format of watercolor; but at the same time, we will share songs that can help us to offer the message for each episode.

For the time being. Just relax… See you soon!.

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