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Portfolio Analysis: Igniting a long-term spirit in a short-term world. Sorry. I won´t post today.

Dear beautiful readers:

I beg your pardon for not posting today. I urge you to wait until I can publish next Tuesday 16th of November. I have been very busy with the physiotherapy settings, and the swimming post-recovery sessions of my fifth metatarsal fracture. I am genuinely very tired. I have not stopped not even for a minute, since the rupture of my foot on August 24th. After the accident, even though my doctors recommended I rest, I never did it. So please, apologize to me today. My foot is already in the process to rehabilitate for its tendons’ full movement. Although I can walk, there is a process to reestablish it to normality. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I will publish next Tuesday as usual.

We usually don´t share personal pictures. But this is to convince you that I have more than 20 years of experience as a strategic advisor. This is a picture of when I was 29 years old, for the graduation at Cornell University; exactly taken the day when I received the diploma of my second master’s degree. I was able to pay Cornell University, as a Fulbright Scholar Fellow, because the American Embassy in El Salvador granted this Scholarship, which is one of the most recognized awards in the world for academic achievement. I won one of the most prestigious scholarships from the United States to the world. Fulbright alumni have occupied key roles in government, academia, and the private sector. We are more than 325,000 alumni. Many of us, playing key decision-making positions; meanwhile, others have won Pulitzer or Nobel Awards. If you wish to apply to the program, please contact The United States Embassy of your hometown.

I strongly believe in education as a channel for raising from poverty, and as a groove to overcome ignorance. As an entrepreneur, I am committed to Eleonora Escalante Strategy and also as a corporate strategic artist creating watercolor art paintings that are tied to my publications.

Behind it is the background of Cayuga Lake Waters, Cornell University, Ithaca, 1999.

My graduation day, at Cornell. May 31st, 1999.

See you next week. Eleonora

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