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Bees at work (XXVI). Figuring out a hybrid working model.

In our last publication, we closed it with the phrase “striving for a balance”. Making every effort for a balance in our working model structures is a process of testing several pilot projects for a few years, and that requires learning, getting attention to what may happen, understanding how the well-being of the workforce, country by country, is hopefully raised under different modalities or alternatives. To figure out a hybrid working model will require a lot of acuity and discernment of how families’ lives are affected on a day-by-day basis, and how kids are also benefiting or not from these changes. A DBR approach is open to initiating a journey into comprehending how humans (employees or entrepreneurs) can accomplish more in less time, for the sake of trying to keep a balance between professional and personal endeavors.  

I have prepared very detailed material for you today. All the slides are self-explanatory, so I won´t explain more than what is shown in them. I request you to please download and print the slides, read them, look at each of them with careful attention. Ask yourself questions. If you don´t cognize something, let me know. I will be happy to reply and expand the rationale or even provide additional examples.

Putting humans at the core of our working systems. To radically place humans at the core of our working systems, we need to observe what, when, why, where, and how humans do what they do on a quotidian basis. Only by watching humans’ routines exactly, we will be capable of offering a different hybrid model to work. Working only on WFH is not the solution either for everyone, but a hybrid scheme can provide some balance, particularly for a long-term view in which employees and entrepreneurs can feel content, dignified, out of any slavery schedule, and completely understood by employers.

Strategic Music section.

Why did we pick the INXS rock group in our last publication? We wanted to share three songs, from this band, but we kept it to one “New Sensation”. It was our aim that you could feel (with one song) the energy and aura of Michael Hutchence on stage. Do you know that more than 72,000 fans filled that stadium 31 years ago? INXS was a band that promised to stay for longer years, they were perfecting their melodies, not just in lyrics but in composition and very difficult arrangements. New Sensation is a very difficult melody for the guitars and the bass! Once the late Hutchence passed away, the whole history of their band’s works, grinds, success, and struggles, faded away. When rock stars and their musicians tied the knot with the excess of smoking, drugs, alcohol, out-of-order sex, etc; that connection was the beginning of their own ruin. Singers and musicians with an awesome future have destroyed themselves because of “being in excess”. Stay out of anything that may harm you. If you love to play rock, you can do it, on healthy terms. If you come from a Christocentric practice, the phrase “love others as yourself”; is nothing else than avoiding any type of injury for you, for your loved ones. Please don´t hurt yourself with substance abuse of any kind (that includes depression medicines that are sold OTC) and don´t extend this damage to anyone else. If you feel down, go to exercise, swim, run, go to the gym, practice hand-made crafts or hobbies, but please don´t consume things that will kill you. Being bold and saying “no” to drugs or alcohol would have saved Hutchence from his earlier death. If you wish to read his biography click here

Michael Hutchence. 1960 – 1997

The song of today is the Ave María (Schubert), interpreted by three opera singers: Maria Callas, Aida Garifullina, and Renée Fleming. Compare the voices. Tell me which one do you like the most. Enjoy the difference between Opera and Rock!

See you next Tuesday, blessings, and thank you for reading to me.

Have a beautiful day!

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