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Loving what you do is the key for success.

Whenever you start a new project, or you have an idea or you start an entrepreneur effort, there is always a risk to fail. We are born with the risk to fail. It is normal. It is natural to fail.

But, What is a failure? Why do business leaders and managers do not consider failure as a component of the best strategy for success? How many times do we have to try, before success comes to our business life?

God has made us with the outstanding inner capability of resilience. Resilience is nothing else than the ability to quickly become stronger, healthy, or happy after a difficult situation or illness. Resilience is an inherent part of the strategy. To be able to create out of ashes.  From nothing, we can build up again. Anything can be recreated, as much as you have enough love or passion to re-build it. If you love what you do, resources will come.

When I was studying for my MBA,  I was taught that strategy is meant to help you to avoid failure. I don´t think so. Life proved it differently to me. Strategy means to open your mind to build up whatever you want with the luxury of learning from failure.  What we have to design is a resilient strategy. Always.

Loving what you do is the key to success. When you love what you do, your resilient strategy will be aligned somehow naturally. Mistakes and failures will be part of your process, from idea to prototype to a business model and when launching your business, you will learn naturally from it.

Your love and passion will keep you moving forward no matter what… until you can reach perfection. And even then, the disruptive and constant change in the outside environment (technological advancements, new raw materials, political turmoils, new competitors, or substitutes) will challenge your achieved perfection, and here you are with your resilient strategy, starting all over again.

The difference at this point: you are the wisest. Your experience is golden… and that is something no one can replicate or copy from you.

If you love your business, you are meant to be successful.

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