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Value Proposition (IX). Metro Rail San Salvador Business Model Version 1.0

I do hope you are well and fine to start this week with energy and positive thoughts.

As I mentioned before, I wouldn´t spend time by sharing you the concepts of how to create business models. I let this activity to the ones who created the toolkit, and you can find tons of videos about it on Moreover, you can find information at and other website sources.

Let me share with you the application of the toolkit. I have started to build a Business Model Canvas for the project Metro-Rail San Salvador.

As you see it below, you can find 6 of the 9 components of the canvas already in place. In addition, you can see, this is just the first version of it. Version 1.0.

Business Modeling is dynamic. Image result for path from a to bThis toolkit is made to change. It will change over time. Sometimes you can get it right from the beginning, sometimes it doesn´t. What I love from business modeling is the experience to build them, reminds me of the dynamic and changeable human nature. We are able to change, and we are change makers. As soon as we understand this, we can become less critical of human nature failure too. Business models have to change because it is impossible to design or create or build a good business model on the first version.

The process is iterative and interactive. The more you get information, the more you think about it, the more you get deeper into it, the more other people give you inputs and discuss it,  the better your business model will change for the best until you can test it. And then after testing it, believe me, you will have to refine it, and test it again, and this is how we build until we can scale it in real life and make it happen. Only if we love what we do, we are able to achieve success, because we go through this process of remarkable change and challenges. To build your own company requires a lot of passion, tenacity, endurance, determination, and love for what you do.


Let´s go to the “Metro Rail System – San Salvador” Business Model Canvas:

Metro Rail System San Salvador 1.0

San Salvador Metro Rail Business Model 1.0 prepared by Eleonora Escalante

San Salvador Metro Rail Business Model 1.0 (Click here PDF download)

I will deliver the three pending pieces of it on my next post, with the version 2.0 (Cost Structure, Revenue Streams, Key Resources).

Why? Since I have worked previously structuring deals for infrastructure projects as a project finance specialist, I would like to think over this model over the week, and then come back with a better version of it. I want you to see there will be changes from Version 1.0 to version 2.0.

Feel free to share your comments with me.

Wishing you a beautiful day. Cheers!

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