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Value Proposition (XIII). Viva Espresso, Pasión por el café…

Hola a todos:

I will like to share with you a new value proposition example about coffee shops. Why? Because I would like we can understand very well, that we can sell one same product, but we have the right and endless possibilities to produce endless value propositions!!!

torre futura

Torre Futura, San Salvador

Viva Espresso is one of the Salvadoran Coffee Shops which opened its doors to Salvadorans when Torre Futura (the most modern office complex building in town) opened around 7 years ago. I got to know Viva Espresso because I was working for the World Bank El Salvador Office (located at Torre Futura building), and I was fascinated by the Viva Espresso value. One of the Viva Espresso Shops is located there. It was the first time in 40 years that I could see a coffee shop as I was used to seeing them, in foreign lands,  but it was our coffee… from our origins. Finally, I could drink Salvadoran Coffee at its best.

Viva Espresso Coffee Shops started to offer quality Salvadoran coffee for Salvadorans. And since Viva Espresso owners were the first ones to do it, they initiated their operations “by teaching us”: they started from scratch to educate us about coffee. Viva Espresso had to teach us how to drink “excellent quality” coffee to all the “common” people who were not aware of the high-quality coffee of El Salvador.  I valued their efforts very much because they started their business model with an “awareness” key success factor.  Viva Espresso was teaching us to drink coffee with the highest international standards. And this started just 7 years ago.

viva espresso el salvador

Viva Espresso, San Benito Store, San Salvador

In addition, Viva Espresso gave us back the “love for OUR own coffee”.  With gratitude, I would like to mention Viva Espresso as the pioneers of “high-quality Salvadoran coffee shops” in El Salvador. Moreover, they have positioned themselves as the first pioneers to offer knowledge about the different methodologies to prepare freshly brewed coffee: such as French Press, Moka Pot, Cold Brew, Aeropress, Coffee cone, Chemex, etc… Viva Espresso has offered us a pleasurable experience to choose the “coffee of origin” from different “fincas” in El Salvador too. Find below the Value Proposition for Viva Espresso:

Viva Espresso value proposition 1.0 (Click here to download PDF file)Viva Espresso Value Proposition

Viva Espresso Coffee Shops have a different value proposition than Starbucks or Juan Valdez. Their value proposition will be successful as much as the Salvadorans would be aware of the “quality” of their offer, and can compare the local different flavors and wonderful taste. Only if you are a true coffee lover, you are able to feel the subtle differences between the coffee served at Starbucks, Juan Valdez and Viva Espresso.

Torre Futura-106

Viva Espresso Shop, Torre Futura, San Salvador

Viva Espresso also brought the concept of “baristas” to El Salvador. They have supported several of their best baristas to go to World Barista Championships, and El Salvador won the first place at the 2011 Championship celebrated in Colombia with Alejandro Mendez, and the third place at the 2013 contest in Australia, with William Hernandez. I was very happy for them.

I wish the best for Viva Espresso in the future. Maybe they will win their own right to become the “coffee brand” for El Salvador, as Juan Valdez is for Colombia, Barista is for Guatemala or Cafe Britt is for Costa Rica. My future husband Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi and I will be very happy to see a national coffee brand for our El Salvador. Cheers!

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