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Book review. Business is beautiful…

Bonjour a tous!!!

I am so happy to share with you a beautiful book… “Business is beautiful, The Hard Art of Standing Apart” from Jean Baptiste Danet.

Through all my 46 years of life, I have had many types of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. All of them have taught me something about the meaning of “beautiful”. I have met people from different countries, backgrounds, experiences, religions, and ages. I have my preferred friends of course, but all in all, the reason why I got to like and love my friends, is because all of them have shared a petit part of their lives with me… many of them do belong to the investments and banking industry. Others are scientific engineers. Some crowd is fascinated by the beauty and fashion, such as my mother who was the owner of an “haute couture atelier” for many years.  I also have met writers, consultants, and politicians.  Lately, I have met several “cooperation international community members” too. All these people in some way or another one have taught me pieces of the word “beautiful” too. Each person in this world can be a teacher for you if you let them teach you. I am thankful for all of them because I have learned through their lives what is to be beautiful. I come from a very religious Christian family, my family has taught the meaning to be beautiful too. My fiancé Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi is so handsome for me, and my love for him is beautiful. He is super tall and believe me when I said I knew I will marry him since  I met him 17 years ago. He is “guapisimo” and I adore him with all my soul.

But I will like to share the first moment I was aware of the word “Beautiful”. My grandma “Mama Pilita”, the mother of my mama, was a beautiful crochet artist, she really had the gift to weave crochet and she was amazingly good with it. Through the eyes of my grandmother, I had the incroyable possibility to learn the term “beautiful”, not from a dictionary, but by observing her creations of art. She was the best teacher I had. She taught me the concept of “beautiful” through her little pieces of crochet. Everything my grandma did was “beautiful”. From her crocheted doilies, snowflakes and cushions, to crocheted pillows, duvets and covers. She was a lovely grandma to me. The first representation of the word “beautiful” comes to my mind when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, and I remember my grandmother´s creations.

This book “Business is Beautiful” shows us the amazing scope of business… when is done beautifully well. The book has 5 chapters. Each chapter shows us each hallmark of what is a beautiful business:

beautiful business 1

I agree completely with Danet book. It is a beautiful book. As its title. Hope you can read it soon.

My aim by offering strategic corporate advisory services is to help my clients to create beautiful businesses. I wish very much to help you to create integral value for the future for you, for the next generations. I am able to help you with a tailor made strategic solution for you only, so you can design and make your business a beautiful experience for your life. If your business is related to artistic creations (paintings, crafts, gourmet food, pastries, etc.) or if you have a coffee shop or a university, or if you are in the private equity sector, of if you are  defining your tech startup, or if you are a doctor and wish to open or improve your clinic, or if you are in the fashion industry, or if your business belongs to manufacturing and services, or if you are planning to build and operate a metro subway system for your city. I can help you. I promise to help you to create beautiful businesses, beyond your expectations.

Happy and beautiful day.

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