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Strategy Regatta 2017-2018. Preparing ourselves for it.

Wishing you a beautiful Friday and coming weekend. As a prelude, we are preparing ourselves to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 regatta. Yes. Indeed we will do a strategy regatta soon. At the moment I am simply helping you with the basics. Stay tuned…

I have been gathering some videos about Michael Porter. But who is Michael Porter?

Doctor Michael Porter is an economist, researcher, author, advisor, speaker, and Bishop William Lawrence University Professor professor at Harvard Business School. I had the opportunity to know about Porter´s competitive business and strategy contributions to business from the point of view of business as a science. Business should and must be considered as a “science”.  Porter´s  work has also achieved remarkable acceptance by practitioners across multiple fields. Porter was the first one to develop a framework to help us to understand the economic foundations of competition.

When designing and creating your business, it is required to understand the industry where your business stands. Understanding the industry structure is fundamental because your business strategy has to drive a positive transformation there. As I have told you several times, my aim is to share with you how to apply from the theory to the practice. Everything in this blog aims to help you from the “practitioner” point of view. And I leave the explanations to the ones who teach them. Today, I decided to share with you four videos I have seen which are great about Michael Porter´s work in strategy. The last video is about an intervention of Porter at the 2017 Skoll World Forum. His presentation is about Progress and Prosperity in America. I invite you to listen to his words. If you wish to dig deeper into Michael Porter´s ideas, feel free to visit, there are more than 360,000 videos about his topics.

the phd machine.jpg

During the last decade, Michael Porter has dedicated a lot of his time to do innovation to his own creation. He is involved at his best with “creating shared value”, and as him, I believe in developing and renewing businesses as the key to renewing our societies. When business change for the best, and do good to all, and are beautifully designed and made, our societies will change. My strategy theory of “creating integral value” is nothing else than some of the ideas from Porter´s shared value creation, but I have added the “ethical value” too. If you wish to understand what is my strategy research field of action, you need to understand Porter´s from the beginning up to today. My field of action is not politics. I am a moderate. I am a work in progress who wishes to continue studying and doing research in my theories.   As a Fulbright Scholar, all my life I have dreamt to continue studying a P.H.D or Doctorate in Strategy-Business Administration. When I met Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi 17 years ago, I told him, I wanted to do a Doctorate in Business Administration or DBA as soon as I marry him and start having babies with him, why? Because I am working on my P.H.D, since a long time ago. And, because I wish to write all my theory and application of developing a new strategic framework for “creating integral value” for businesses. Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi knows I really wish to go to Harvard Business School or his beloved school INSEAD to continue studying.   I believe in business as much as Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi does it. Our jobs and businesses take at least 5 out of 7 days from our weeks.  I love my career. I love to marry Alex Guillermo Lozano and start having an integral life, having my babies and studying for my doctorate will be awesome. And I believe in creating integral value with “ethics” is the only way to create a different future for all of us.

Blessings, and enjoy the videos.

Next week I will explain how to link industry analysis and competitiveness with business modeling. It is getting super interesting. Please watch the videos, because next week I will continue with an industry analysis using the coffee shops last example.

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