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Strategic Reflection from our heart. The importance of studying a Doctorate in Business Administration…

There is a moment in life when a lady knows what she really wants. marry himUsually, this happens when she has the right certainty of her strategy for her life.  From the point of view of my career, as a strategy advisor, I would love to continue studying. The world has changed so much during the last 20 years, that it is a must to renew what we know and start to do the things differently. We have lived terrible things in the world since I graduated as an MBA. A world financial crisis, climate change effects are perceptible to everyone in everywhere, migration crisis in several countries, and we are positioned in a crossroad of life, either we start being ethical in everything we do, or we will end up destroying the future for the next generations. The strategy at the corporate or business level, according to Michael Porter, is nothing else than to make choices. John-Berger-Quote-Without-ethics-man-has-no-future-This-is-to-say.jpg And we must learn to do ethical choices. Strategy without ethics is just “making stuff to sell and get money in return”, and we can´t continue doing businesses without sense. Without ethics, every single business is condemned to sink, because it doesn´t matter how many models or strategy toolkits you learn to use if you are competing with nonethical behavior such as briberies, stealing others´ideas, creating projects where you know you can cause environmental damage, or selling real estate projects using your parents´property and force them to live as homeless people, or if you raise capital with investors related to narcotraffic activities or if you do “collusion” with your competitors.

Business without ethics has no sense.

I do not want to pursue another MBA, I already did one. There is no point to repeat another Master Degree when I already have two Master diplomas hanging in my studio room.  I want to pursue a P.h.D. and do business research and continue developing ideas about strategy. I love to help others to develop beautiful businesses, but strategically well designed with ethics at their core. My aim is to contribute to the people prosperity and advancement too, through intellectual management and strategy theories which can be applied in making good businesses. I do not mingle with politics or politicians simply because it is not my cup of tea. I have never belonged to left or right political parties. I am moderate and I would love to marry and start my family with Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi. And I want to continue studying. As simple as that.

In my professional life, I wish to continue studying so much because I like to do it. As simple as that, and I wish to pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration… But my priority is to fix my personal life. Marry and have babies with Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi is my priority. Nothing in this world has sense unless I live an integral life in all aspects of it,  I wish so much to marry Alex Guillermo and start my family with him. I want to become a wife and a mom of babies with all my soul.


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