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My laptop is broken.

Dear all

Hope you are doing fine and well. I apologize for not writing last week.  But two reasons stopped me:

1. My red HP laptop is broken, and the computer I was using to write and design the business model canvas is from my brother. He requested me to give it back, and I do not have a decent laptop to do my business models canvas.  My red HP laptop is not functioning well (the screen is completely black) since a cup of coffee spilled over it some months ago. I hope my brother can lend me his laptop soon in order to continue sharing all that I have prepared for you.June-7-2014-...-Tech-coffee-on-keyboard.jpg

2. Last week was vacation week in  San Salvador.


We celebrate the “Fiestas Patronales in honor Al Divino Salvador Del Mundo”, and everyone in town was resting, traveling or attending several fairs and cultural activities.  I had the opportunity to go to our main fair called CONSUMA 2017, and it was nice to eat churros espanoles, french fries, and local artisan sweets. I had a beautiful time with my mother.

Anyway, I sincerely wish to apologize to you for the delay, but I promise you to return back to post about El Salvador coffee shops and Metro Rail San Salvador as soon as I can fix my computer troubles. In the meantime, I will continue writing and I will be sharing about the frameworks I use for my strategy art creations. I will leave in stand by the application of the strategic models’ examples Metro Rail San Salvador and El Salvador coffee shops until I can fix my laptop.

Wait please, the best material I am preparing for you about strategy is yet to come.c220461423d87f8b5cfa5f1787c7ea3c





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