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Strategic Reflection from our heart. What to do after Harvey?

I was reading about the damages of Harvey Hurricane. “Reuters overlaid the flood imagery on property parcel maps and found flood waters had encroached on at least 30,000 properties in the two counties, with a total market value of $23.4 billion”. The counties who have suffered the most are Harris County and Galveston County. According to a recent article, the economic losses will surpass the $160 billion from Hurricane Katrina.


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This event has set up the US Federal and State system in the eyes of the world. As an outsider, living in Central America, I am observing how America´s private and government system responds to this type of emergency crisis events. Personally, I wish I can help economically but simply I can´t and forgive me for it. Because I am starting my own company, and as any entrepreneur, I live day by day, and I am struggling with the early stages of my business. But I can help you with ideas, with strategy posts between my network, and I decided to try to help with my writing and awareness impact to the ones who can really help you directly through donations and relief services.

Our Latin American emergency systems in case of disasters are still “in swaddling clothes”. Our immature and inexperienced emergency systems do not provide contingency plans, relief or insurance to the populations. And that is why many lives are lost. We certainly do have a lot to learn from more advanced societies. We are a work in progress and we do not have neither the resources nor the plans to evacuate and recover cities in case of emergencies as Harvey Hurricane. Little American authorities and the US private sector know, everything the US system does is seen and is learned by the international community: we are always following what is successful in the USA and Europe, and we try to replicate it in our communities. For so many decades, we have followed USA´s recipes for success and also America´s sound mistakes.

Source References:,-Houston-officials-look-to-recovery

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