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Leg Zero: Winds of Change…


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I wished to share with you about PewDiePie video in which he explains more less how he designed and created his Youtube value proposition yesterday because his success is part of what we see as an emergent type of key determinant strategy factor coming over. How will be the future with the new social media technologies?. Just to see PewDiePie videos and know there is someone in the world who has fun doing videos, is getting paid, and is able to attract millions of younger people to visit his channel, every day, watching at least 10 minutes for each video daily, means a lot to me.

I am a business specialist who loves to do corporate strategy advisory. I adore helping others to thrive in their businesses.  In addition, I have been a business educator for a few years…. and I see it… right now, what attract youngsters on top of their priorities are Youtube stars, and they do not care for books, reading, or going to the library. Everything is googled. Or youtubeized. If they want to find something,  youngsters are used to the internet search engines, and their mind has erased the word books or libraries from their brains.

I wonder how can I help others through my knowledge in corporate strategy, the motif of this blog?, how can I make corporate strategy a subject of attention to millennials….
By watching PewdiePie, I asked myself, how can my topics become so interesting and attractive to the new generations?….  Many of my professors do have the same question.


I was raised between books. If  I wanted to find information about a subject, I had to get a library card and visit the library for a day, find authors with similar topics, open the first pages read the index and find the information page by page…   I had to see the book and get the information. Even when   I studied at LBS and Cornell, their libraries had huge internet databases, and even though many papers were online, for each of the courses, I had to invest between 60 to 150 dollars per book. I was lucky if the courses reading materials packages were around 25 dollars each. In summary, when I started each semester I had to budget at least 300 dollars to pay for my books and reading materials.

youtube-trends.jpgMillennials have been raised with Google. If they want to find information, they type the word in the google search, and they find at least 30,000 or millions of sources… If they wish a book or a PDF copy from a book, they can download it online sometimes for free… And right now, they just click on Youtube and they will find a masterclass about strategy uploaded by a student who recorded the video with his iPhone and posted it in his channel. The Youtube video from the professor can be posted by a student from a top University at Australia, or from NY or France or other cities in the world.

The world is changing…  During the latter 7 years, it has changed so much…and it will continue to change.  This technological disruption will force my generation to adapt to the new trends utilized by youngsters… As my parents’ generation (baby boomers) were forced to adapt to computers 30 years ago.

My business is in the industry of consulting and I do knowledge strategy management. How will social media and Youtube affect my value proposition?….  I wonder…

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