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Strategic Reflection from our heart. There are things in life without substitutes…

Also, I will like to share with you the following: There are things in life without substitutes… such as having a baby, for example. There are no substitutes for having their own child. No nephews, no nieces will fill my desire to become a mom and a wife in the near future. I believe in motherhood as much as I believe in the beauty of complementarity between man and woman in marriage, as Pope Francis Addresses at Humanum Colloquium, Only a union of male and female can express the sexual complementarity willed by God for marriage.  Pope Frances defines “complementarity” as “nothing less than to ponder the dynamic harmonies at the heart of all Creation. This is a big word, harmony. All complementarities were made by our Creator, so the Author of harmony achieves this harmony”.

That is why I wish with all my soul to marry and have babies with tall amazing and wonderful Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi… There aren´t substitutes for this. I love him with all my soul.

Have a beautiful day.

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