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Leg Zero: For the purpose of this blog, I use the American English-Short Scale System.

Good morning to all of you:

Meanwhile, I am writing about the determinants factors of Suppliers and Buyer´s Bargaining Power, I can´t wait to clarify the following.

I perform my numerical analysis using the short-scale metric system or US American System. Be aware of this, please. Many European countries use the Long Scale System, and I am not using it in my writings.

“The existence of the different scales means that care must be taken when comparing large numbers between languages or countries, or when interpreting old documents in countries where the dominant scale has changed over time. For example, British English, French, and Italian historical documents can refer to either the short or long scale, depending on the date of the document, since each of the three countries has used both systems at various times in its history. Today, the United Kingdom officially uses the short scale, but France and Italy use the long scale”.

numeric system Short Scale American

If you wish to download this slide in PDF Format, please click here: Numeric System Used in this blog AMERICAN SYSTEM Short Scale

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