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Cape Town Tour: Heading up for a picnic with you to talk about other trendy technologies.

Good Morning to all of you. Here in San Salvador Town, the weather is mild, a bit windy and sunny. We see sunny weekends ahead in Cape Town too. The sunny weather here and in Cape Town inspired me to plan for a picnic tour meanwhile the teams are still recovering themselves and repairing their boats in Cape Town. We are following this race from so far away, in consequence, I visited South Africa through YouTube and decided to share the following video with you.

We can´t miss enjoying the great South-African outdoors. As mentioned above, I don´t think the teams have the energy to do touristic tours after racing for more than 7,000 nautical miles of Leg 2… All I know is the race village is doing various Volvo Ocean Race sponsors awareness events (sustainable education workshops, save the water and cut plastic, etc.), and instead of heading up for a wild knowledge Safari, I was requested to plan for another theme knowledge tour around the race village. Hmmm… Over the next days, it will be something interesting to do.

I thought, what about a picnicpicnic gif.gifIf my “beau” Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi and I were in Cape Town, I would be happy to go for a picnic tour with him. And since it is a romantic picnic with my “beau”, better we prepare what to pack in advance.  (Dear Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi, do not forget to invite me, next time  you come to El Salvador!).

Picnics are awesome. Since many years ago, I truly love to invite and be invited to picnics outdoor occasions. The key is to have joy when we prepare everything in advance and of course, pack well. A stunning picnic is full of simplicity and lovely details. A picnic is a gracious opportunity to share delightful food and enjoy the experience of eating outside of our home. picnic wineA hamper or picnic basket is important, Another safe measure is to bring all your food in good recipients, which must have to be hermetically closed and shut tight. If we are planning to serve cold cuts, cheese or other items which need low temperature, be sure to keep them stored in cold boxes with ice packs. Keep it fresh too. If we are bringing wine glasses, “consider packing a lightweight tray to perch them on during pouring and between sips, and if you’re sampling cork-sealed wine, don’t forget the bottle opener!”.  Individual beverage bottles are best to avoid wet incidents. Finally, carry some hand wipes or anti-bacterial gel. Ahhh… and don´t forget the blankets. When going to a picnic, I also prepare several games to entertain the crowd and I bring some books to read after the meal. I truly adore picnics. There is something about being sat down on a blanket feeling the earth and sharing the food with the people you love.

Picnics are memorable occasions to share. picnic park.jpgNo technology on earth will replace the beauty of a picnic occasion. I doubt it. Picnics can be done in a beautiful park, or at the beach, or near the lakeshore, or if you are really inspired, go for themed picnics. picnic lakeImagine, even there is an international picnic day every June 18th. Today´s inspiration is going for a picnic with my “beau” Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi… in order to write my own opinions about several emerging technologies which have raised press acquaintance and massive media. I have been asked to picnic with you to give my personal opinions on four topics: (1) Industrial IoT, (2) Artificial Intelligence, (3) Robotics and Automation, and the (4) Cryptocurrencies (bitcoin as an example of them). Since the 7 teams from the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 will stay in Cape Town until the 10th of December (before their future departure to Melbourne), I think I will have enough time to write one post about each of those topics. Stay in tune.

In the meantime, Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi, what about if our coming honeymoon includes a stopover in South Africa? It will be awesome. Our safari honeymoon!!!

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