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Cape Town Break: A tour to IoT (II)

Good afternoon to all!


Cape Town, South Africa.

During the Volvo Ocean Race’s Cape Town stopover, I decided to continue writing. Since all the teams are now resting and recovering after Leg 2 brutal ocean ride, I decided to provide some bonus material. Cape Town seems to be a beautiful place. I decided to name each of the posts until December 10th, as Cape Town Tours. The tour of this week is all about the Internet of Things or IoT.

Even though it is not my aim to be too techie on this blog, all I wish to do with these Cape Town Tours is to provide some insights about where are we going in the world. And I had to talk about technology because my field of work is corporate strategy and more and more, we are asked about how to include the recent digital technologies in the traditional business models.

As promised yesterday, the theme for today is about how the technologies have emerged over time, over the years. It is the turn for the timeline tour of the Gartner Hype-Cycle Emerging Technologies graphs (starting as of 2005 until this year 2017). 

Find attached the presentation slides prepared especially for you. If you can´t see the little words and characters because they appear blurry and tiny, click the PDF version attached below.

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If you wish to download this presentation in PDF, click here: Eliescalante Capetown Tour Break Gartner Emerging Tech Hype Cycles 2005 -2017.

Alfonso Velosa, Research VP from Gartner has explained that “The IoT itself will help digital transformations but will take 5 to 10 years to gain mainstream adoption”. Find attached a presentation from Gartner about the IoT: Gartner Presentation The Provider Opportunity on the Internet of Things_by A.Velosa

storm sea gifOf course, this is just the point of view of Gartner. But Gartner is a well-respected source of benchmarks and it has created innumerable hype cycles research analysis over the years in several areas.  However, there are other technology research companies too. Each consulting technology advisor has its own interpretation of the IoT reality and its own definitions and predictions. My aim with this Cape Town Tour is to open your eyes to this topic.  I encourage you to continue learning about the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, and the rest of emerging digital technologies which have been adopted and are being deployed. All these IoT and IIoT projects will change the corporate strategy and the business strategy in every business in the future.  We are in transition times. And the emerging technologies will continue to change the way we will operate in the world. Particularly for those who wish to create entrepreneurship projects and companies considering emerging technologies at the “core”.

Have a beautiful day. Thank you again.

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