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Hasta Luego Cape Town!: Cryptocurrencies.

Hola a todos:

I hope you are well and happy and enjoying your beautiful Saturday.

Find the following presentation slides prepared for you about Cryptocurrencies. I have tried to be very strategic about the theme of Cryptocurrencies. Again this is just my personal opinion.

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If you wish to download this topic PDF format click here: Eliescalante Cape Town Cryptocurrencies

I also wish to share Professor Aswath Damodaran blog: Musing on Markets.  I have a lot of trust in his teachings and writings. Read his views on this topic. In addition, his blog has his own classes and videos included. There are some courses about cryptocurrencies in Stanford, NYU, Princeton and Imperial College too.

Hasta Luego Cape Town. Un gusto en conocerles!!!. It is very windy here. We are leaving tomorrow to Melbourne. Thank you, and blessings. thank you animated

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