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Strategic Reflection from our heart. All I wish for Christmas is you!

celebrating christmas.jpgAs a human parenthesis in this Leg 3 race, I wish for you the most beautiful Christmas season. My wishes of kindness, the abundance of love and quality family time. My prayers are for those who are going through difficult times. For all the sailors at the Volvo Ocean Race, I also wish you a fantastic season and lots of energy and wisdom for next Legs to come. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to race in knowledge with you. For those who read this blog (despite my grammar English mistakes) I am so thankful for your patience and your time.  Next year, is around the corner, and despite this stormy, messy and wavy year, we hope 2018 will come with hope, energy, good health and overall peace.  The light of God and Jesus Christ may shine in your heart.

My only wish for Christmas is not a gift, neither things… But to be with the man I love,  Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi. He and I are a perfect duet. I need him more than anything in this world. Much love.

Season Greetings and my wishes for peace and love for all of you.

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