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We all live in a yellow submarine… Our Generational Clash (II)

Good Morning to all of you…

Yesterday after visiting Melbourne QVM,  we started with the theme “Our Generational Clash”.  Right now, four different generational groups segmented by age are all together living in the same yellow submarine:

Eliescalante Melbourne Visit-Generational Clash4

Baby Boomers (Born 1940-1964)

Generation X (Born 1965-1980)

Generation Y or Millennials (Born 1981-2000)

Generation Z (Born 2001-2020)

There are several studies and serious academic analysis about these four generations. dalailama1We tried to cover the general aspects yesterday. Maybe the Generation Z (Zers) is the one that still is too soon to stereotype because the Gen Z eldest members are reaching their 18th birthday. Zers have the right to live their life as kids and teenagers. Let´s be gentle with the Zers. The current problems of the planet are not their fault.Randy Newcomb quote It is time for these kids to learn values, ethics, compassion, traditions, and solidarity. Just a group of Zers is beginning with their University or College life, and some are starting to work part-time. Let´s leave Zers out of the decision making for some years, please. We have to be kind and gentle with them. Let´s kids be kids and play and have fun. Let´s leave teenagers to find out what they want to do with their studies and begin their careers. It is their unique time for being kids.


Gen Z parents must guide their kids ethically in the midst of chaos. But we, Gen Z  predecessors, do not have to forget them when we do our business decision making… we must have to consider all the consequences of any decision of our future plans ahead. Now, let´s go to the statistics: In terms of numbers, in the USA, the following infographic reveals there is the almost equal population which belong to each of the four main generations. Which means no generation is more relevant to the other one. We all share the same portion of the pie in terms of stats.                  population generations in the USA.pngTo dismiss one group just because it is 1% or 200 basis points above or below the others is not correct.  For me, each group segment represents different “needs and wants” requirements for each industry, for each economic sector, for each company and each government. And it is important to adapt our beautiful business value propositions to the needs of all the groups who are living together in this place.

If we generalize the latter USA infographic numbers to the world, that means each group has the same representation in terms of purchase power and number of inhabitants.xthe-100-year-life-gratton-en- Reality shows top decision making is still in the hands of the Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers have not retired yet. And the youngest baby boomers won´t retire until the year 2030. Baby Boomers must have to help us to fix all this mess they have created… London Business School professors, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott address some of the baby boomers current issues, including delayed retirement, maintaining beneficial relationships meanwhile they continue controlling the most reputable and large private or government organizations in the world. Generation X (my generation) is the next one in the queue. Baby Boomers must leave our planet in better shape, and they must help us to fix the big problems they created. Good Baby Boomers are needed with their valuable and ethical source of wisdom when transferring the baton (little by little) to the Xers.

Millenial Generation ignoring each other.png

Millennials (Gen Y) ignoring each other.

Millennials have the right to wait for some years. Do not force Millennials to lead before the time is right. By observing the Millennials (Generation Y), I recommend don´t oblige them to grow beforehand. The Gen Y deserves time to mature, to correct their own flaws, to enjoy their life, travel, and learn “a lot” before they can be considered as the rulers of the world. Millenials need to ripen first and continue building their “core” human heart for the next generations. We, the generation X, as adaptable and sufferers of the wrong decisions made by Baby Boomers, have developed something that is called RESILIENCE. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. To survive until today disasters, Gen X have developed a thick skin. We have developed a natural “common sense”, wisdom by learning from mistakes from our ancestors, and an outstanding “melange” of traditions and knowledge which can bring the balance back to this messy violent and unequal world.

millenials view.pngFrom the point of view of marketers and sales, I understand why the Millennials are being courted as the next important group, but if we dismiss the Generation X good learning lessons, values, and beliefs; it will be difficult for the yellow submarine in which we all live, to recover the balance (this planet is crying for help and screaming for a lending hand to recover its balance). It is a huge mistake to transfer the leadership command directly to Yers and Zers before they are ready. These youngest generations don´t need to rush, neither to be forced to live the pressure of leading before the time is right. With my best of intentions, I see the following decade as a time of preparation for the Millenials to be ready.


Each of Gen X has to mentor the next generation as much as they can.

It is time for Millenials to settle, to marry, to start their families, to save, to invest time in their own intellectual development, career paths, or in their own businesses, to be productive and generate prosperity for their families and employees… It is time for Millennials to continue learning (learning about technology, about art and humanities, about their own professions, about whatever they want to learn), to test new economic prototypes, to accept guidance and mentorship from the “good” Xers, and be humble enough to refrain themselves to carry on with a baggage that is not theirs yet.  raise kidsMoreover, I will repeat this initial idea again: in the case of Zers, these kids and teenagers also need to live their life first.  Let the Zers be children and teenagers, let them enjoy their innocence. As you know, I don´t have kids yet, and I am preparing myself mentally, physiologically and culturally for a major shift in my life that is to become a mom and have babies.

mommy Christmas

I hope next year Alex Guillermo Lozano and I can celebrate our first Christmas as new parents.

And as I shared with you previously in my post of the 27 of December 2017, I am really worried about the “planet” status quo and violence. What type of planet will we inherit from the Baby Boomers, and what will we do to fix it for our future babies (which are not born yet)? As I told you previously, I don´t want my future babies to live the chaotic violent world of the Zers. I wish to expect my pregnancies with Alex Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi with some hope.

Let me finish with this reflection: Every single decision we take in our companies, has to answer the following questions: we are too careless of posterity.pngAre our company actions and projects of good benefit for our children, our future grandchildren, and the kids of our grandchildren? Are we doing this initiative just because it maximizes the shareholders’ richness? or are we thinking to do this initiative because it will improve the conditions of life for the next three or four generations?... Do you see the shift here… These are more questions to ask ourselves before doing business decisions: Are we visionary enough to carry on with projects thinking ahead 100 years from now? Do we plan well ahead in advance in government and public projects thinking in our future grandchildren kids? Is this emerging technology convenient for the future generations? Are we adding value to the world by doing this? Or if we are Christian (no matter what denomination, either Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc.), are we asking ourselves: What would Jesus do? 

jesus throwing out the corrupt money.jpg

Jesus throwing out the corrupt money changers at the Holy Temple.

I am convinced if all Baby Boomers should have asked themselves all those questions, at least more than half of the projects and companies which have caused the contamination of the planet resources (land, air, oceans, the danger of species disappearance) would have never been deployed in the past century. In addition, many of the wrong non-ethical projects approved by the global banking sector would have never been supported. Moreover, the recent financial crisis probably would have never happened Frank-Langella-Quote-You-can-only-lead-by-exampleif Baby Boomers should have stopped corruption at banks and regulatory offices many years ago… It is time for the rising of ethical capitalism, don´t you think so?

Conscious Gen Xers have to become “educators and mentors by example to Millenials and Zers. Gen Xers don´t need to become professors at Universities, but to do ethical actions in whatever position, role, activity or task we do quotidianly. We have to predicate from our own roles, professions, jobs “with the example”, with our actions. Any Xer who loves life has to work for life and leave a legacy of abundant life for four generations ahead. Xers are emergently rising to top positions. It is crucial for us to don´t commit the same mistakes as the Baby Boomers generations. We are starting slowly to get the Baby Boomers baton, and we can´t continue rolling out the same old recipes without considering next generations survival on the planet.

types-of-shoes-womenMillenials also have to put themselves in our Xers shoes. When we recommend a “no”, sometimes it is not a “no” against innovative plans, but maybe, or at least give us the benefit of the doubt, it is because we want to protect you from something that is not convenient for the next generations to come.

Again, it is just common sense. Don´t you think so?

Thank you. Enjoy!

14:06 pm – San Salvador.

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