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Leg 7. From Auckland to Itajaí (IV). A loss in our journey.

Good morning.

declared lost at sea.pngWhile I have been preparing the material for the post of today, I was deeply shocked yesterday to read a man called John Fisher, from the SHK-Scallywag team went overboard. We wondered what happened?, Why something like this may happen?. And since I am new in following this race, as many of you, I thought this is a terrible tragedy for all of us who decided to dabble in the extreme terrible waves and winds of the ocean near the Antarctic Exclusion Zone.

Since last Saturday, I saw SHK-Scallywag diverted from the fleet and took another route (going north-east), meanwhile, all of us decided to do gybing near the boundaries of the AEZ.  As you can see below, the area where SHK/Scallywag is located is identified with “violet” color. That means this place has higher winds and higher sea-waves. At the moment SHK/Scallywag is located in an area with velocities between 35 to 40 knots. Which is dangerous for the safety of the boat and the people inside.

fleet position 27032018.jpg

I thought: Why SHK/Scallywag is moving in a different direction than all of us? My mind answered: Maybe “SHK/Scallywag wanted to move up North in order to find a different route and gain some competitive advantage over the rest of us. Let´s see what they will do“. I was curious about their unique strategy. But then yesterday, I was shocked to read, that one of its crew members John Fisher, went overboard. These are the type of news we don´t want to hear in such a race as this one. It has been really sad.

john fisher

John Fisher, 47, a British yachtsman missing at sea after falling overboard from SHK/Scallywag boat yesterday. Source:

Words can´t express how saddened we are to lose one of us during this race… 


8:34 pm – San Salvador.

Post Data: I will continue to publish about Education as a competitive advantage for Industry 4.0 in some hours.

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