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When in Itajaí: Our strategy journey continues.

Have a beautiful night. I am so blessed for the opportunity to be in Itajai. We are happy that Akzo Nobel and TTOP arrived well. And we are expecting for MAPFRE arrival tomorrow.  I have rested for a couple of days, but also I have started to prepare the next material for Leg 8. The theme will be Strategy Corporate Renewal.

In the meantime,  you also will be able to follow me as of Leg 8 through Twitter. We can´t wait for it! Stay tuned.

thank you.jpg

I will like to say thank you to my beau Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi for all his support during this leg. It was a tremendous leg: I skipped my Easter vacations, and I was really worried I lost my computer (my computer is the equivalent of the mainsail or a mast). I lent a computer from a relative. And that is how I did it (without my own boat). I wish to acknowledge that Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi is appreciated and loved with all my soul not just for his help during Leg 7, moreover, without him, I couldn´t have made it to Itajaí in one piece. Thanks to him for all. Love you, Alex!

Thank you.

9:21 pm  CST-San Salvador


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