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In just 5 days…. Leg 8 will start. This is a sneak preview.

Good afternoon.

Everything I have covered previously starting from Leg 0 up to Leg 7  is about topics related to business strategy (we have been racing for 7 months by now, incredible!). Our theme for next leg 8 is Corporate Strategy. I wish to show you a phrase and an image of  Leg 8 sneak preview:

Little girls with dreams.jpg

Our Corporate Strategy is the art of deciding and defining which beautiful business should we be in.

Corporate Strategy is the art of deciding and defining which beautiful business should we be in”. When we make choices about “what beautiful business do we want to pursue” that is the corporate strategy.

Each woman has to teach her kids about this. There is no point of doing ugly businesses, but beautiful ones which can evolve over time and leave a legacy of love, of protection for the earth, of caring for the environment, of doing the things right no matter what. Each woman has to teach to her kids the concept of “beautiful businesses” and “corporate strategy” to her kids.  In ethical values. In righteous beliefs.  In integral value propositions. Women are responsible to teach this to their kids. Which businesses are righteous. Which are not. I hope to teach this to mine when I finally will be blessed with the gift of becoming a mom. I truly hope you will enjoy the material I have been processing inside my brain during the last week. Stay tuned, please. Thank you for your patience.


Our next destination: Newport, Rhode Island

Moreover, let´s go back to our Volvo Ocean Race teams: TTOP, Brunel, Mapfre, Dongfeng and Akzo Nobel have had the time to repair their ships. And are ready to go. Vestas 11th is full speed with their mast repair. Vestas 11th people are working “underway to lift the boat out of the water and fit a new Southern Spars mast, which has already been transported to Itajaí. And SHK-Scallywag is still in the ocean, trying to arrive in Itajaí in a couple of days. Look, we are just 5 days 18 hours from starting the race again, and we are going up to the Northeast Coast of the United States of America, to a beautiful city located in Rhode Island, a New England State.  There are several states in the USA where I had the wish to visit again or live in the past. And the New England States are my favorites. The New England states are Connecticut,  Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. And the main reason why I love these states is simple: Autumns are just precious there. The autumn season is the most wonderful moment of the year, the color of the falling leaves, the trees preparing themselves for the winter, the cozy sweaters, lots of cups of coffee, mild cold winds, and the sea breeze is different during this time of the year… Autumn is amazing when you can see it from this region of the world. “Autumn paints in colors what the summer has never seen”.

New England states.jpg

New England States: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

Beaches as Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine; or Mohegan Bluffs in Block Island; or Hammonasset Beach in Madison, Connecticut; or Sandy Point in Ipswich, Massachusetts; or Second Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island are just amazing gifts for our eyes. Northeast Beaches are beautiful. Particularly at the autumn season.

beach in newport.jpg

Second Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island.

I imagine, to raise little kids in any of those states must be a blessing. Since I have never had a baby, I just can imagine it. But everything depends on the consulting mandates I will be able to get after finishing the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018, and also it depends what the future with Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi will bring us. Let´s see where Alejandro wishes to take me after our wedding. It is a surprise and a mystery gift he has been preparing for ages. At the moment I do not know. He will surprise me. I am sure.

See you next Sunday 22nd. That day is officially the beginning of Leg 8 at 14:00 Itajaí time. Thank you.

4:52 pm – San Salvador.

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