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In Port Race at Itajaí: An Introduction for our next Leg 8.

Good Afternoon!

Hope all of you are happy and enjoying your Friday. Today six of the seven teams were competing The Itajaí In-Port Race. The In-Port Race was a crucial effort with a satisfactory pay-off for MAPFRE.  The results were as follow:

Itajai in port raceItajaí In-Port Race — Results
1. MAPFRE – 7 points
2. Team AkzoNobel – 6 points
3. Dongfeng Race Team – 5 points
4. Turn the Tide on Plastic – 4 points
5. Team Brunel – 3 points
6. Vestas 11th Hour Racing – 2 points
7. Team SHK/Scallywag – did not start

As you can observe, these type of in-Port races count. Not just in points, but also in terms of checking the functioning of the yachts before each race.   Let´s see a video about today´s In-Port Race at Itajaí:

Now let´s see a second Sneak-Preview, of what we will deploy in terms of the next Leg 8 Theme: Strategy Corporate Renewal. See the outline below. We will have around 5,600 nautic miles from Itajaí to Newport,  to develop this theme, which is the core of my business Eleonora Escalante Strategy. 

Eliescalante Leg 8 Outline from Itajai to Newport

I have mentioned previously that Corporate Strategy is a different story than Business Strategy. We will see why during next Leg 8. As an introduction, I just wish to share with you Corporate Strategy is made at the top of the organization. It is made by the superstructure of the firm (the Owners of the firm, the Board of Directors, the closest external advisors,  the CEO and its closest team of managers or directors which belong to the Board of Directors team). Corporate Strategy is where key decisions about our business domain are made.

Sneak preview 20 april 2018

If you wish to see the last slide in PDF, click here: Eliescalante Leg 8 Sneak preview 20 April 2018.

And given the importance of  “decisions” or choices, we will have the opportunity to learn about how to do decisions at the corporate level,  why the Corporate Strategy ignites everything the firm has done, is doing and will do. We also will talk about the concept of past, present, and future in our decisions, and finally, we will cover the importance of Corporate Entrepreneurship and how to renew ourselves from our purpose, values, and dreams.  When nothing else is left, is all we need to continue.

If you wish to learn about this beautiful topic, follow me as of next Sunday 22nd. And I promise you this Leg 8  is going to be worth it. Thanks to God we will sail again with all the teams (Vestas 11th is ready for the future and completely renewed, and SHK-Scallywag is also going to join us).  I do hope all of us will finish the VOR 2017-2018 together. Thank you so much.  See you then!

thank you whale dory pixar.gif

Corporate Strategy is positioned at the Corporate Level, where decisions are made. 


6:04 pm – San Salvador.

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