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When in Newport (V). Strategic Innovation Paradigm.

Have a beautiful Friday. Hope you are ready to enjoy the weekend.

Our seven teams are now ready for tomorrow Gurney’s Resorts In-Port Race. And I am also ready to finish the topic Strategic Innovation. We will finish today with all the things we promised for our Newport stopover, and tomorrow meanwhile the teams are racing, I will finish with the Summary and Conclusions last wrap-up. Remember we are going to leave Newport in the direction to Cardiff next Sunday. According to the Volvo Ocean Race, “This is the last of the long transatlantic legs, 3,300 nautical miles crossing from Newport, Rhode Island in the USA to Cardiff in Wales. This leg is another classic, a status recognized by it being the final double-points leg of the race”.

Now let´s go to our goal for today. The subject is Strategic Innovation Paradigm. Please let´s read the following slides below.

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If you wish to download them in PDF click here please: Eliescalante Newport stopover Strategic Innovation paradigm.

I believe the slides are self-explanatory. My personal attempt today has been to “ADD” 4 new elements or ways or vectors when doing strategic innovation. It is irrelevant what strategic innovation model do you use. All of them must be good if at least include Markides (1997) initial elements. Moreover, Deloitte, BCG, AT Kearney, PWC, Bain, McKinsey and many other consulting firms of great reputation have their own strategic innovation models or frameworks.

The 4 new elements we need to start adding to our strategic innovation paradigm are:

  1. Talent Development
  2. Purpose
  3. Ethical Awe
  4. Generational Impact
    Each of these core adjacencies or ways have to be included when doing strategic innovation, and I recommend you to read the slides to understand each of them.

When doing strategic innovation we must start to add these 4 adjacencies growth elements, particularly in the context of Industry 4.0. Why? Because these new 4 vectors will keep us on an integral check when creating prototypes and testing our businesses. I believe these 4 elements have been missed for several decades, and we can´t go on with Industry 4.0 businesses if we don´t include them in our mental models when doing strategic innovation.

Marcos-10.3We also have to be aware that by adding 4 new ways to our strategic innovation mental model, we are not complicating things. On the contrary, we are being ethical and integral enough to avoid or to prevent all the issues caused by our ancestors’ mental models to our environment, to our communities, and to our future. Beautiful businesses are not separated from our own values and moral life. The big problem we have at the moment is that we have not included the ethical part in all and each of our business paradigms, and that has been a tremendous bad mistake. Of course, it is not late to repair it. We are still on time to fix what was not included in the past. For many countries and societies, they probably will decide to regulate themselves systematically. But the bottom line is that we and the next generations must learn ethics in our families, in our formal education systems (K12 and Universities),  and in our companies, by experience. How to resolve ethical dilemmas with “ETHICS” must be a constant learning experience from kindergarten until our last day of our life.

Thank you. Blessings.thankyou snoopy she.gif

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Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.


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