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Leg 9. From Newport to Cardiff (I). Digital Disruption only to save the earth for human civilization.

Good day! Hope all is well. The Volvo Ocean Race Regatta has started yesterday in the direction to Cardiff, Wales. We are returning back to Europe. It is so wonderful. And I am not alone, I am going with my beau Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi too!. Leg 9 is quite a challenge adventure. Again and as usual, every single team is now deploying their own tactics about trying to find the best route which could give them a competitive advantage.  There are around 3,000 nautic miles ahead of us. Look at the next screenshot from the Volvo Ocean Race Virtual Eye 3-D tool:

position 21 May 2018

The Position of the fleet 21-May-2018.

Yesterday the teams did a spectacular farewell from Newport, Rhode Island. Let´s see it from the air:

And it is my turn to show you what are we going to do over the next transatlantic trip too:

Outlina Leg 9 Digital Disruption.jpg

If you wish to download the general outline for Leg 9, click here please: Eliescalante Leg 9 Digital Disruption outline.

startup so disruptive.jpgThis topic, Digital Disruption is quite trendy. Many people have many things to say or to write about it. And given the relative importance of it, we have tried to focus all these themes from the perspective of balance or equilibrium. Don´t expect us to give you an opinion from the technology point of view, because it is not what we are experts for. We believe we are strategy learners because learning doesn´t stop. We are going to share digital disruption knowledge from a perspective of the human most basic needs which have to be found and balanced for all people living on the planet.  The Earth has a delicate balance. There is no replacement for planet Earth at the moment, and meanwhile we are not moving out of here, better we try to protect this delicate balance between the existing and future resources and the decent survival for the human and animals species. Balance in this context is more than just a sustainable environment. economy without ecologyWhatever we are doing and will do with digital disruption it has to protect our life and this planet delicate balance. We are positive people, we believe there is hope to fix all the damage our ancestors have caused to planet Earth. Why? Because God has created us as resilient species.  There is still time to repair the balance of Planet Earth if we all wish to do it (public sector, private entities, the academic community and the societies). And any form of Digital Disruption will be of benefit ONLY if we are proactive enough and we altogether set up the foundations for digital disruption to fix our priority needs. We have to stop the climate change threats, we have to stop wars and prevent the destruction of villages and countries. We also have to ensure the food security, pure water, shelter, jobs, and education for everyone on the planet. We have to stop sicknesses, poverty, misery and inequalities. In addition, we need to care for our Earth as much as we care for our beloved. As the following video: Earth is our Home, Let´s protect it.

From this perspective, all the material we are preparing for Leg 9 will be interesting. We promise it.

Thank you, and see you tomorrow with the first of the sub-themes: Introduction and Concept of Digital Disruption.

San Salvador – 13:21 pm (CST)

Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.









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