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Leg 10. From Cardiff to Gothenburg (V). Blue Ocean Strategy Evolution

Good afternoon to all of you!

Today we are going to try to give you a relative snapshot of what has been happening during the last two days of racing. All the teams have been trying to find better conditions of wind and started to sail up north again after leaving Cardiff in the direction to the west. Let me share with you where we are right now:

position 12 june 2018

The position of the fleet 12-June-2018

All of us have been sailing almost two days at sea, and we are less than 875 miles remaining in total to our next destination. As you can observe, we are just six miles split between the seven crews. Our idea is to arrive between the 14th and 15th of June to Gothenburg. Probably before or during the  FIFA World Soccer Cup Open Ceremony day in Russia.

As far as the pertinent area of our domain, today is the turn for the sub-theme: Blue Ocean Strategy EvolutionWe have tried to bring you the better information available from the original sources. In addition, we believe we will have to dedicate a whole new regatta to teach you how to use the Blue Ocean Strategy-Shift methodology. We will consider publishing about it in the future. Let´s go to our today´s slides. Please read them carefully.

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If you wish to download the slides, click here please: Eliescalante Leg 10 The Blue Ocean Strategy Evolution.

Our message for today is to show you why the Blue Ocean Strategy-Shift has evolved to become the way of thinking, a strategy theory and a remarkable methodology for business strategists. Moreover, guess what? The Blue Ocean Strategy-Shift principles and methodology can be used in the private, non-profit and public sector.  

The Blue Ocean Strategy-Shift has evolved from the original book (2005) to several edited improvements over the last decade. The authors launched the new book Blue Ocean Shift in 2017: The Blue Ocean Shift has evolved from its original idea with the objective to help us to understand it better, step by step.  The non-disruptive creation idea of the authors is the beginning of a beautiful hope. Hope to create beautiful businesses with ethics at the core, not to destroy our own humanity through our future businesses.

Even though the Blue Ocean Strategy-shift can be applied to different type of business (technological or not), the concept of non-disruptive creation can be the seed of hope for the Blue Ocean Strategy to evolve next for a balanced and ethical way of strategic thinking in the future…

blue ocean strategy fishTomorrow we hope to start the next sub-theme Blue Ocean Strategy Limitations. We will show you some variables missing to this strategy, with the idea to add value, not to destroy the value of Kim and Mauborgne strategy. Please remember, even if we are critical to several frameworks that we have shown you over the VOR sailing race, we don´t write our opinions for the sake to hurt or to diminish the tools. These are tools which need to evolve, and when we give our opinion this is just for the sake of helping strategists to consider other human and ethical variables which are as important as the financial and economic returns of our endeavors.

the most beautiful partWhen I was working for Alejandro Guillermo Lozano Artolachipi (seventeen years ago, he was my boss in Costa Rica, that is how I met him); we had beautiful conversations daily meanwhile we shared a cup of coffee. In our quest to apply the BAIN fundamentals to our business cases, we enriched them with our own opinions and new ideas.  We loved to debate about it. In consequence, never, but never consider our points of view as judgmental or “a critique” to the authors. We share our thoughts with the objective to improve, to evolve and advance in our search for a better strategy design, formulation, and execution with an integral humanity purpose. Our businesses deserve to improve for the next generations, and so do we.

This is all for today. Thank sharing gif.gif

Source References:

Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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