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Today is not a race. It is a gift.

This message is dedicated today to my mother’s family, particularly to my mom who took every Thursday to visit another of her sisters who passed away yesterday.
275638e19caf6c6ad0e5e1ff16b6b596A few hours ago another auntie, one of my Mother’s eldest sisters, passed away.  Her name was Pilarcita Chinchilla. She died in the Hospital Rosales, the main public hospital in town. Two aunties of mine have died this week. Tia Amanda died on Sunday. And Tia Pilarcita died today. Of course, we wish to express heartfelt condolences to the son of Auntie Pilarcita, my cousin David, his wife Cecy and their little girl. At the moment I am writing this publication, I am just listening to my mom talking and calling her closest relatives because she is trying to help in all the stuff that has to be made for the funeral and memorial service activities.


1706721caf29e07e53f7d1343f488f4cLet me share with you a message from Mary Davis. Her website is precious to me because of her illustrations, pictures, and messages. Ms. Davis writes today about a poem from Maya Angelou, an author, who reminded us over and over again, that today is a gift. “No matter how dark things got, Maya Angelou found a precious ray of hope to celebrate”. When people we appreciate pass away, let’s not forget that life is a gift. Slow down, please. We are always rushing too fast and forget the precious gift of celebrating life. We only remember that life is a gift when the spirit of death knocks the door of people we love.

Today is not a race, it is a gift. It is not to be rushed or hurried through, but to be savored and treasured.images (11)

Today is not a chore, it is a chance. It is not to be turned away at the door, but to be offered generous hospitality as an honored guest.456fc0c809c3e2317577679c26147b79

Today is not a duty, it is an honor. It is not an obligation that must be fulfilled, but an opportunity to rise into our highest selves.be2230ecb2c97072bfcf2ec66af5d338

Today is not a struggle, it is a choice. It is not to be wrestled to the ground and conquered but loved and cherished and polished into beauty.672e6ccf5e4452d2264e0f325c5b5efb--christian-inspiration-daily-inspiration

Today is not a cloud, it is a light. It is not to be traveled through blindly as a victim, but to be illuminated by the sun of our strength.d30b654cacad88fd3584f5fe1da89fd4

Today is not a solo, it is a chorus. It is not to be sung alone but to be orchestrated by a choir of angels and backed by a symphony of all those who love us..images (12)

Today is not a race. It is a gift. Life is precious, do not forget it. Do not wait until people you love, pass away or die or leave us here, to understand that life is a precious gift. Just to wake up every morning is a gift from God.Gift-Ideas-for-sailors-1008x1024

San Salvador, 8:39 am CST.

Source reference:

All the illustrations are from Mary Davis.

Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated

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