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Integral Education for Emerging Markets: Strategic Challenges & a Road-Map ahead (I). Introduction.

Have a pretty week. Wishing this month of November may unfold with precious blessings. As promised previously, as of today, and during the months of November and December, we will write about the following topic: “Integral Education for Emerging Markets: Strategic challenges and a Road-map ahead”.

As in previous publications, I would like to mention this is my personal view about education in low-income or developing countries. I won´t be able to give you the total truth of the topic, since I am biased by my origin of birth. I was born in El Salvador, and the context of living here is not the same one than living in a G-20 country. journey toIn addition, my own experience is also limited. I have lived and worked outside my hometown around 25% of my whole life. Even though I try to get informed about the issues, trends, and perspectives of the whole planet, I only get informed partially.  I rely on public information from trusted e-newspapers, sources, universities, another wise erudites who write and share online, good quality books and sometimes I also choose opinions from popular sources. Many times we need to listen to the ones who appear to have less formal knowledge but have developed a sense of acumen which is a fountain of other perspectives. Please take this theme with careful attention from my personal perspective, and try to think how can you improve it or curate it for your own kids, in your own context. It is not the same to give opinions about Central America, than to give opinions about other emerging markets such as India, or China, Brazil, México, or even the African tribes. Given my own shortcomings or imperfections, I still believe is important to share about this topic.

guinea pigs reading.pngToday is just an introduction to the agenda. I have prepared 6 sub-topics to develop over the next two months.  I will write it from my own whole-heartedly human point of view. Thinking as if I will be pregnant and have babies (they will be Generation Alpha). And I will try to see it from the perspective of how would I like my future babies to be educated.  I wish to have one or two little kids with Alejandro Lozano Artolachipi, and I wish for them the most balanced-beautiful God´s centric education we can provide. We will expand beyond the technical or technological or mechanical procedures-aspects of education but from the point of view of  “edification for living in plenitude and balance”. Many people who live in a G-20 country could have been trained at the best schools you can imagine, maybe with income of more than 6 figures per year, but: are they really living in plenitude and balance?

Let´s see what we have prepared for you:Integral Education Strateg Challenges Roadmap ahead Agenda.jpg

For each of these sub-topics, we will provide enough information, knowledge and hopefully wisdom. We will re-think about many of these traditional definitions about education.We also will try to adapt our journey to one sub-theme per week but is we have to dig deeper into one of them we will be able to expand if necessary.

On my next publication, we will start with Education in Emerging Markets: the current context.

This is all for today, see you soon. Thank you and stay tuned.


Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.

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