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Next week is the turn for Primary and High School @ “Integral Education: Strategic Challenges and Road Map Ahead”.

Hello. Happy Sunday!

Wishing you a lovely next week. Just to let you know we will continue with the theme “Integral Education: Strategic Challenges and Road Map Ahead”. This subject is far from over. It will be the turn for Primary and High-school.

Boat Ocean Dec 2018

One of my aquarelle practice exercises. This is “a copy of an original painting by Maria Raczynska”. Her website is 

We will keep the current publication rhythm. My commitment is to publish 2 times per week. Sometimes I publish more times, but I am busy nowadays. I am busy preparing my first and new book “Strategy Regatta”, learning to paint watercolors, and studying several days a week. We truly ask for your comprehension.

In addition, I am very happy that I have started to be published by El Diario de Hoy, one of the traditional and largest newspapers in El Salvador. They have started to publish some of my articles (In Spanish) at the Opinion-Editorials section.  Let me show you what they have published:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am so thankful for their appreciation for these articles. The idea of publishing with El Diario de Hoy is with the purpose of sharing thoughts about an integral strategy to the national local audience.

For someone as me, who is initiating a writing career, to be published is one of the most beautiful blessings on earth. I am thankful to El Diario de Hoy for their support and this fantastic opportunity.  As you can see, from my past, I belong to the management consulting, finance and the University education industry.  But since I started to write publicly, I am a newcomer to all the writer´s industries (publishing, blog, academic research, advertising, public relations, and content marketing, communications such as digital media, motion pictures-video, newspaper, books´ authors, strategy journalism and more). To be part of the writers´industries is a new challenge for me. Why? Because, when in transition, I am also learning to think differently. Additionally, if we care about our industries, it is a great responsibility to save them, in the current context of Industry 4.0 and digital disruptive technologies.

Strategy Regatta cover.jpgMy first book “Strategy Regatta” will be a gift to life. Everything I have learned during 48 years of my life will be there. And all my ideas, reflections, material written in this blog which is mine such as the entrepreneurial contextual analysis, integral strategy, and the intuition from my soul and heart in terms of strategy (at the corporate and business levels) will be written inside. Wait for it.

Let´s continue sailing next week with strategic innovation in the K-12 educational system. It will be the turn for Primary School (1st to 6th grade) and High-School (7th to 12th grade). It is going to be amazing. I promise.

Blessings, Stay tuned!.

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