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Integral Education: Strategic Challenges & Road-Map ahead (XIV). Strategic Innovation in Education – Primary School (Part J).

Primary School has to cover the basics in every single country on earth. Think this way, kids join the primary school with the hope to learn the basics. But we don´t know how many of them will be able to step up to secondary school and high-school. The drop-out rates are a reality.

Educators are not just teachers. Educators are parents, formal school teachers, and adults who are around kids´activities. The next generations will have the responsibility to fix the big issues of the planet earth, particularly in terms of the top priorities of the world: global security (physical and cyber security), pollution, climate change, and food security for all. There are many problems which have to be fixed, and primary schools are not creating mindsets to fix them. Each subject from primary school has to be taught helping kids to be strategic innovators in Math, Language, History, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Geography, Technology (ICT), Arts, Music, Physical education or sports, a foreign language (usually English), religious education (for those schools which belong to a religious denomination) and extracurricular activities.

Environmental repair model.jpg

Only 1% of the population from every country are able to graduate from a university.  This means maybe less than 0.2% of the people who attend tertiary education, are able to know about strategic innovation. The strategic innovation paradigm is never taught by teachers at primary-secondary or high school.

Eliescalante Integral Education Strategic Innovation primary school

In consequence, less than 0.2% of the global population know how to think with a purpose, leaving the rest of the world population without a mental framework to think this way. Do you think we can solve the planet issues with just 0.2% of the global population who are well educated to think integrally?

I doubt it.

I urge the decision makers of the world to diminish the velocity to join Industry 4.0. This world is not ready for it. Not the baby boomers, not the Generation X, neither Millennials or Generation Z. People are not trained to be strategic innovators. And the mindset required for it is not in place yet.   It requires more than 20 years to train your brains to think with a holistic and integral way.  In addition, educators need to be trained first. They are responsible for the next generations steps. Educators without support and training, will not be able to help primary school students to become thinkers in the future.

Tomorrow I will share with you how I was educated in Primary School. Be aware I was raised in a world without internet, without Wi-Fi, and without Google. And my mind was trained to be a strategic innovator. And I am learning every single day. I learn and re-learn. Many times, I learn more by waiting to write, because my mind is processing things. Thinking takes time… In consequence, technology is not required to think integrally. It helps nowadays, but it is not required. It is the way our brain thinks, and how we learn that matters. Thinking well is really hard. It is not easy to think. And we have a huge goal for the future: learn to think properly (in whatever career our kids will choose for their own self-contentment).thinking is difficult mug.jpg

I just hope my future babies with Alejandro Lozano Artolachipi may have trained teachers to help them to think with innovation and ethical awe,  instead of memorizing or have Aplus grades. Thank you. See you tomorrow!

Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos or images posted unless otherwise stated.


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