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Digital new emerging economy: Despacito por favor…

During the last 19 months, since I started to write this blog, I have tried to be extremely respectful towards the emerging technologies and technological disruption. Why? I believe in innovation, I encourage it with all my soul… I have been for years a tech gadget user. Sometimes I was a cutting-edge tech device shopper (when I was able to buy the newest version, I was blind to buy them immediately)… But after I started to write this blog, believe me, I have learned a lot.

We can´t stop innovation to occur. But we can slow it down, in order to review all the tech business models of our innovations. To do the things right takes time. And we need integral and ethical value propositions in every single invention we will do from now and then. Many of our old business models have to be replaced with new ones, and on top of that our mental frameworks have to change. Can you believe what has to be done? Our minds, the way our brains make decisions, has to change.  Our education models have to evolve, our Ph.D.s education has to be reviewed and transformed, and professors at every level have to make enormous efforts to change an education model that is being disrupted from its roots. In addition, we need to rescue the things which are good from the old models. We can´t dismiss what is good for humanity and replace it with a machine Wi-Fi era.  We can´t erase our beautiful libraries, our physical natural settings in which we labor, our wonderful parks, our marvelous God´s creations, our feelings…  Not good.

So many things will be affected by the digital and internet of things economy. And whatever we are doing or planning to do has to be reviewed with critical thinking and after careful analysis of its long-term consequences, only then it has to be well deployed. Twenty of my blog publications are related to the phrase to slow down, or “Despacito por favor”, which means “Slowly please”. I have been writing several times in relation to a smooth transition to a digital economy (industry 4.0, internet of things, etc). If you wish to refresh this theme, I invite you to read one of these posts from June 28th, 2018:

Industry 4.0, AI, Big Data, and other digital tech…. Despacito por favor.

promenade en provence exercise eliescalante

Promenade en Provence -aquarelle en mouillé sur mouillé. Un Leçon de Jacques Williet sur

Why slow down? Simply because our tech inventions need to be assumed by 7.3 billion people, and half of them are living with less than $5.50 dollars a day. There are organic problems and issues which have to be fixed first. Social, cultural and economic structures which are not working in many developing or poor countries. The efforts of one generation can´t make it happen. It will take more time for it. For example, One thing is to adopt the smartphones in our lives, another one is to change our societies using the smartphones as a pivot for everything.

I will repeat it: In October 2018, the World Bank wrote: “Close to 46 percent of the world’s population is living on less than $5.50 a day”.

In this context, we have to educate all the people to change their minds and provoke solutions to raise the standards of living of them. To fight the ignorance caused by poverty will save our planet from wars,  from climate change effects, from hunger, from devastations and the same destruction caused by our own lack of common sense inherited from past centuries and centuries.

It is time to take it easy with technology. It is time to fix the roots of our most delicate problems and issues all over the world.  Let´s do it.


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