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How do I wish a country´s president to think? (I). Introduction.

How would I like a country´s president to be? This question inspired me to start this saga a few weeks ago, and I thought to write about it as of today.

This saga will be written in parallel to the last days before the Presidential Elections in El Salvador. This theme was inspired or came out into my mind by watching our pre-election process. Like any other Salvadoran citizen, I have the duty to go to vote near 13 days from today. The national electoral register has the names of 5,489,603 Salvadorans enrolled under the National Electoral Registry at the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). All of us are indebted to exercise the democratic vote. We all have to choose our candidate of preference and give him our vote to appoint him as our employee to rule the government of our country.

Anyway, regardless of each of the candidates who are running to win the Presidency, I decided to write about the thinking or mental framework of an “ideal” president of any country in the world.

An hyper-realistic exercise aquarelle painted by Eleonora Escalante. Reference Photo from PaintingSheep. Handmade with love on Fabriano 5 paper. Size 5 inches x 7 inches.

All citizens who have embraced the democracy model have a powerful tool to choose the highest top-level employee for all of us in our country of origin. By birthright, we are authorized to vote. This is key to understand. Any president and his team at any democratic nation is a laborer, a worker, a servant for his people. His people vote to appoint him to work for them. In consequence, if the president of a nation is our employee with a wage earner position paid by all of us (the citizens´ taxes) we need to ask ourselves, before the elections, how would we like our president to think?

Our president is our drudge. He is hired by our votes to help us to develop the country in which we live. He has to fulfill a list of requirements for his position. He must have a list of characteristics, competencies, proficiencies that have to be in place before bearing in mind to select him (regardless of the ideology, if left, right or center), we need to understand if the brain of our future president is the correct one. Because all of us are obliged to choose the best alternative option we can find in our own list of potential candidates.

I will not write about the leadership skills or the faithful look or the international posture of a potential president, which have to be inherent to anyone studying to fulfill this position at any nation. I will not write about the colors of the party: I won´t critique if the left or right or center parties are better, no. Each citizen has the privilege or the entitlement to choose his own candidate according to his or her own analysis. Nevertheless, I will try to focus all the next posts in one specific affaire: the exemplary mind, thinking and the mental framework of a good president.  So, the original title: how would I like a country´s president to be, has been reframed. We will explore: How do I wish a country´s president to think?

See the outline for our next publications below:How do I wish a country´s president to think.png

If you wish to see the last slide in PDF format, click here: Eliescalante how would I like my president to think?

See you at my next publication. Stay tuned, please. It is important for you to think about these conditions before you decide who could be the most appropriate president for your own country. Wherever your country is.

Thank you.


Disclaimer: All the presentation slides shown or hand drawings on this blog are prepared by Eleonora Escalante MBA-MEng. Nevertheless, all the pictures or videos shown on this blog are not mine.  I do not own any of the lovely photos posted unless otherwise stated.

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